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Category: Workout Wednesday

2016 Chicago Marathon Race Recap

I did it! I ran my THIRD MARATHON! Marathon running is kind of like having babies (I think? I don’t have kids, but this is what I’ve seen…) because the first marathon is a huge deal. Any marathons after that? Everyone knows you can do it and you don’t get that huge celebration (like the equivalent of a baby shower) beforehand. And that’s totally OK.…

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Ready to Run the 2016 Chicago Marathon!

Warning: stream of consciousness post ahead 😛 My “I just can’t wait to run my third Chicago Marathon” face 😀 My blogging has been inconsistent at best this training cycle and I can come up with a billion and one excuses for why that is. The main reason for why I didn’t write weekly training recaps is that reading other people’s training recaps isn’t interesting to…


Chicago Marathon 6 Week Countdown

As with most posts these days, it’s been a long time since my last one! I feel that I owe this little blog an update on how training (and my life!) is going. Oksana and I only have (less than) 6 weeks left until the Chicago Marathon! We’ve been training consistently and have felt good on the vast majority of our training runs. I’m so…

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Chicago Marathon Training 2016: Week 4

I’m so sorry that it’s been such a long time since my last post. Life has been really tiring and hectic lately, but in a good way (for the most part!). It’s also been hard to remember to blog because I couldn’t do so for a couple of weeks – remember when my blog was hacked last month? Sad times. This week, I tacked some PTO onto the…

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SWORKIT + Vanity Talk

Happy Workout Wednesday! I switched up my workouts quite a bit last week because I wanted to try my new app called SWORKIT. As a person who is chronically late, sometimes it’s hard for me to squeeze in a gym session (because I need to drive 10-15 minutes both there and back, AND THEN get ready for work/bed/whatever I’m going to do afterwards). SWORKIT allows…

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A Different Fitness Focus

Ever since I ran the Shamrock Shuffle 8k last month, I’ve significantly cut down on my running. Obviously, this is only temporary because marathon training will start before I know it. Until then, my main focus is on strength, which has never been something I cared about very much. I feel that I have to care now because, now that I’m in my (gasp!) late…

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