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Category: Race Recap

2017 Shamrock Shuffle 8k Race Recap

I did something last weekend that I have not done since the Chicago Marathon last October: I RAN A RACE! With all of this wedding planning business, my life is not very running-focused as of late. Despite the fact that I spend literally every weekend doing something wedding-related, I was able to stick with a training plan for the last 8 weeks and really enjoyed…

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2016 Chicago Marathon Race Recap

I did it! I ran my THIRD MARATHON! Marathon running is kind of like having babies (I think? I don’t have kids, but this is what I’ve seen…) because the first marathon is a huge deal. Any marathons after that? Everyone knows you can do it and you don’t get that huge celebration (like the equivalent of a baby shower) beforehand. And that’s totally OK.…

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2016 Rock n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon Race Recap

Last Sunday, I ran the Rock n’ Roll Chicago Half with my cousin, Oksana! The weather was originally supposed to be HOT, but we somehow lucked out with some clouds. At least, the weather seemed to be good… There was a downpour 15-20 minutes after I finished the race, which made my walk to the car a bit unpleasant. I’m grateful that I wasn’t running when the…

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Race Against Hate 2016 + Updates Since The Hack

You guys! I’m back, all thanks to my girl, Sara, who FIXED MY WEBSITE. Thank goodness for fantastic friends who are also software engineers. Without Sara, I would have been in a real conundrum. Thanks to Sara, I’m here with a bit of a race recap and some life/blogging updates. Yesterday, Oksana and I ran the Ricky Byrdsong Race Against Hate 10k in Evanston. This is…


2014 Rock n’ Sole Half Marathon Recap

Just a reminder that there is still time to enter my giveaway for a Hit and Run 5k entry! I finished my THIRD Rock n’ Sole Half Marathon this weekend! Last week was tough because two people I love had crappy things happen to them (again, I’m just going to continue vague blogging about this), but the Rock n’ Sole Half Marathon definitely helped raise…

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