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Iced Coffee Catch Up

It’s been a very long time since we’ve caught up. Please excuse my lack of blogging, but life is more overwhelming than EVER. What’s keeping me running? ICED (or just any kind of) COFFEE, of course.

Old iced coffee pic – my car now has over 50,000 miles on it!

Let’s do a 5 point update:


I registered for my usual Race Against Hate 10k and have been casually training for it by doing 3 runs per week. My final “long run” was 6 miles, but most of my runs are 3 miles. Not planning to PR, but running just for fun and stress relief 🙂

Oksana and I are also planning a July half marathon! I was pretty sad that the Rock n’ Roll Half is during my bachelorette trip to Vegas, but found another one the next week. Wahoo! More details to come about half marathon training in future posts. Half marathon training may seem like a bit much during wedding planning, but I have been relying on running to manage my stress and it sure feels good! Running is a pretty healthy coping skill.

Pic taken the day after I first met my husband to be <3


I’m pretty excited to do some more traveling this year! Andy and I both shipped off our old passports to be renewed a couple of weeks ago; his expired in 2016 and mine is to expire in July of this year. Neither of us has been out of the country in years. My last trip was to visit my host family in Costa Rica back in 2011. It was pretty cool to look back on my passport stamps… so many travels to Central America back in college. Andy last traveled out of the country when he volunteered in Africa over 10 years ago. WHOA.

As mentioned, my bachelorette party will take place mid-July in LAS VEGAS (no passport required for that one). It’s my first trip to Vegas and I CANNOT WAIT. This is basically my dream bachelorette party, but even if people did not want to join me for this particular event, I would find a way to Vegas sooner or later. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go and this is the perfect opportunity 🙂

Even more importantly, Andy and I are going to MEXICO for our honeymoon! ANOTHER bucket list item for me is to go to an all-inclusive resort. This is a good travel year for sure!


With all that is going on, my professional life has been pretty stagnant, I guess? Same job, which I still absolutely love. After August, which is when we are getting married too (ahhh!), I’ll be eligible to sit for my next licensing exam. At least I have a project for after the wedding chaos is over? I was worried I wouldn’t know how to fill my time 😉

Big Events in May!

In May, Andy and I had the most perfect bridal shower <3

The shower was RUNNING THEMED!

Andy’s brother made us this wooden sign:



It was such a perfect day and makes me feel way more excited for the WEDDING!

I also celebrated turning 29 on the 29th – MY GOLDEN BIRTHDAY. 2017 is MY year!


Last, but certainly not least, wedding planning is at FULL SPEED. We are now 53 days away from the main event and I am up to my ears in stress. We just sent out the invitations on Saturday, which was a MUCH bigger project than I thought it would be. Now, we are trying to create a schedule for the day, which is ALSO much harder than I expected. My most dreaded task continues to be selecting music and I’ve successfully gotten Andy to work on that one.

I’m pretty much over my wedding planning social anxiety because there are way too many options involved in planning a wedding. At this point, I’ve been making so many choices and am going with what works best for us. I don’t have the time or energy to care how people feel about these choices aside from Andy and myself. The wedding planning is so stressful and I have not enjoyed it, but now I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My vision is slowly coming true and it’s so amazing <3

Our wedding colors (but we have added in a lot of coral too!) ^ 

My dream was a very summery, casual, fun, and flowery wedding… so we are having that! I also bought some blue patent Tieks, which I’ve wanted for a long time. They PERFECTLY match our “blue turquoise” main wedding color (side note: did you know there are tons of different types of turquoise?!).

This is getting awfully long, but thank you for reading my life updates and coffee talk. I’ll definitely check in before the wedding!

Have a great week!!