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Coffee Date

Good morning. Thought I’d share my thoughts and a coffee with anyone who’s reading this today 😉


As you can see, holiday cups have made their return and we are in the midst of yet another change of seasons. Last I spoke to you, it was definitely autumn, but now we are heading towards winter. This clearly means that my blogging continues to be consistently inconsistent. I’m OK with that. Sometimes, I think about getting rid of this blog for good because it’s not really my priority to post. However, I get the urge to write at times (like right now!) and it would be so sad for me to lose this space where I get to use my voice in any manner I please. The blog stays, for now. I’ve lost readers due to my lack of posts, but this space is for me more than it is for anyone else.

Let me discuss something that has been weighing heavily on me lately: my desire to please others. You may know that I’m getting married (August 5, 2017, officially!) and this has brought about several personal issues for me. When it comes to weddings, I have been told that people on the outside make the day all about them. Some people impose their own values and desires upon the bride and groom for some reason (I seriously don’t get this at all). I feel really ashamed of the fact that I have already been letting this happen to Andy and me. People’s opinions are getting to me. The truth of the matter is that it’s OUR wedding. I want to work on just doing whatever I want for it and being satisfied with that. It’s impossible to appease 100% of my friends/family. This has been so, soooooo challenging, which probably means that this is a time of serious personal growth for me. My people pleaser attitude has just GOT to change. There is no better time than the present 😉

On a more fun note: I SAID “YES” TO THE DRESS!


No, MY dress is not the dress above. The dress above was gifted to me by my cousin, Rachel, who got married in August 2015 (my family is big on the August wedding thing). That dress was not Rachel’s actual wedding dress; she actually got it for a really low price, did a Polar Bear Plunge in it (for their save-the-dates), then had the dress dry cleaned. Now, I can use it for a “wreck the dress” or something! Not sure what I’ll do yet, but I have 2 wedding gowns in my possession at the moment. I’m proud to tell you that THE DRESS was on a huge, HUGE discount for various reasons. And it’s exactly what I wanted. And I’m so psyched to wear it! 😀

With the wedding and a busy time at work, my anxiety is pretty high right now. I’m trying to take it easy and take care of my thoughts. Running has always helped me through tough times, but it takes a lot for me to get outside when it’s super cold. It’s a really exciting time in my life, but with exciting times comes a lot of conflicts/issues/responsibilities. Isn’t that true about everything in life?

As far as exercise goes, I have been lifting weights/doing bodyweight exercises. It’s been such a fabulous change and I swear that I can already see results. I started running regularly in 2010, right after college graduation, and I have gone from being in love with the sport to not being very enthusiastic to falling in love all over again. I want to find a way to fit running into my life during this off season, but I’m definitely more focused on non-cardio exercise right now. We shall see 🙂 I will definitely be at the Shamrock Shuffle in 2017 for the 11th time in my life. Training plan to come early next year!

Let’s see, other than the wedding and my thoughts on running/blogging, I’d say that a ton has been going on lately. So much that it will not fit into this blog post. Sometimes, I think about writing a book because I have a ton to say, especially about mental health issues. I want to continue using this space primarily as a running blog, but my life is full of so much more than that. Running has helped me through so many life changes, starting with my transition from college into the real world in 2010 and leading to my present wedding/marriage (because that’s the important part) planning phase of life.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving weekend just ending, I will leave you with some gratitude. I’m grateful for my family, my soon-to-be in-laws and soon-to-be husband, who have already become my family, my amazing job, and my friends <3 I’m grateful that all of these people accept me as I am, even when I’m weird or make a mistake.

How was your Thanksgiving?

What are you thankful for today?

Married people – how did you deal with other people’s opinions regarding your wedding??