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Grateful for the Pacific Northwest 

Hello again! I’m finally back from SIX DAYS in the Pacific Northwest. My time traveling around that new-to-me part of the country was absolutely fantastic. I had my first day back at work yesterday and couldn’t help but think all day about how grateful I am.

I’m grateful to have a job that I don’t dread coming back to after 1 full week away. When I got into my car this morning, I mainly thought about how happy I was to see my clients and coworkers again <3

I’m grateful that I can afford to travel. In May, I went to Boston and in September, I went from Washington to Oregon! I typically don’t travel by plane more than once per year, so this second plane trip felt like a real treat. Now, I want to see even more of this world we live in. My travel bucket list keeps getting longer!

I’m grateful for new experiences with old friends. I third-wheeled it in Seattle with Tim and Sara. I’m pretty sure some of you will remember Sara as my official blog administrator. She saved Mel’s Miles following that awful time when we were hacked. Tim is Sara’s husband and my boyfriend’s BFF. They were the matchmakers for Andy and me nearly 4 years ago 😀


I spent the last 3 days of my trip with another old friend who lives in Oregon! She showed me so many lovely places and we drank a lot of different wines and beers, ha.

I’m grateful that I got to see THE FIRST STARBUCKS in Seattle!

I’m grateful that I completed my TWENTY MILER a couple of days early to avoid having to do it on vacation. I’m officially tapering for my third marathon and it feels so good 😀

I’m grateful for The Oatmeal, who is basically ME (AKA he has a lazy attitude with an active lifestyle). I got to meet The Oatmeal (Matthew Inman) and run the Beat the Blerch 10k on Saturday!


So much cake at The Blerch!

I’m grateful for my purple raincoat, which kept me dry during the VERY rainy start at the race.


I’m also grateful for post-race beer.

I’m grateful that I finally got to go to my first winery: King Estate in Eugene, OR!


I’m grateful that I got to drink a beer at Max’s (the inspiration for Moe’s on The Simpsons) in Eugene, OR!


I’m grateful for the views in the Pacific Northwest. They are so very different from what I see in Chicago regularly.


Life has been amazing lately. Positive circumstances are not something I take for granted and I am enjoying every minute. I’m so grateful that I got to go to Seattle, Portland, and Eugene last week. Now I get to enjoy getting back into my routine at home!

Where are you traveling next? – I won’t be traveling too far until next year, so tell me all about your plans! I want to live vicariously through you 😀