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Run 10 Feed 10 Chicago is TOMORROW + Other Updates

Good morning!

September felt like ages away this summer, but all of a sudden, it’s HERE. There are way too many exciting things happening this month. First off is the Run 10 Feed 10 Chicago race TOMORROW. For those who do not know, I was selected to be a Women’s Health Action Hero this year. This means I have a special discount code for all of you 😀

run 10 feed 10 discount code

If you are in the Chicagoland area, please consider running this 10k race after work tomorrow (the race starts at 6pm!). You can register HERE and get $5 off with code WHERICKSON.

I have been doing quite a bit of running myself, as marathon training has significantly picked up in intensity. Here are my workouts from last week:

Monday – 60 minute yoga class

Tuesday – Short run + weights (this was supposed to be a 5 mile run, but it was raining so I went to the gym instead…)

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 9 mile run + some planks

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 18 mile run with Oksana! This long run went by pretty quickly; Oksana and I had the chance to spend hours talking through some important life stuff. Running always helps me gain clarity <3


Salted caramel Gu turned out to be a top-notch choice. Thank you, Andy, for buying this for me!

Sunday – I got over 10k steps at the zoo with my wonderful friends from college, particularly Ollie, who came to visit us from ENGLAND.

Switching gears, I just wanted to say that life has been remarkably wonderful to me over the last couple of weeks. It seems like way too many good things have come to me, all at the same time. Some of this stuff cannot be shared publicly (vague blogging for the win!), but just know that I am so grateful for EVERYTHING and feel incredibly lucky.

Shareable good stuff:

Seattle/Eugene trip is in 1.5 weeks

Chicago Marathon is in 1 month! Training has gone REALLY WELL and I feel ready to kick butt in the race.

Labor Day Weekend was a success; I especially enjoyed the sales at Target 😉


I liked this top, but the pattern was a bit much. My search for a shirt in this style continues. My clothes and purse are dumped on the floor… whatever. Judge me.

Andy and I are most likely moving into a (rental) house next year and, if all goes as planned, we will adopt a DOG! I’m partial to black labs right now 🙂

I’m planning to pay off my car loan at the end of October! This will be SUCH a relief to my bank account/budgeting system. I feel so proud of myself for paying this loan off ONE YEAR EARLY. I overpaid on my auto loan all through grad school (and have overpaid even more in this year since graduation/FT working).

I probably will not write a Gratitude Friday post this week, so this little blurb will have to suffice.

Tell me something good that is going on in your life or tell me about your training!