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Chicago Marathon 6 Week Countdown

As with most posts these days, it’s been a long time since my last one!

I feel that I owe this little blog an update on how training (and my life!) is going. Oksana and I only have (less than) 6 weeks left until the Chicago Marathon! We’ve been training consistently and have felt good on the vast majority of our training runs. I’m so excited for Oksana to run her first marathon <3

As for me, I am hoping for a strong third marathon. This training cycle has been far superior to last year’s training cycle.

Oksana and I have been taking our long runs pretty slowly, like between 11:00-13:00/mile. We walk for 1 minute following each mile, though, so it makes sense. This is how I trained for my first marathon in 2012 and I was in excellent shape on race day 🙂

I’m doing really well with actually doing ALL of my runs still. This entire time (so far), I’ve skipped one run entirely and maybe shortened two of them. At the beginning of training, I was pretty good about strength training 1x/week or more. Since my mileage has picked up, strength training has not crossed my mind much. I’ve been getting back into it this week. My plan is to do a SWORKIT on Friday or Sunday. I already lifted a bit after running at the gym this morning. That will be 2 times this week; not bad at all!

The 18 mile long run is coming up this weekend. After that, our only super long run will be the 20 miler. Scary!

Oksana and I have been trying to spice up our long runs by going to a variety of locations. One day, we ran at the forest preserve. Another day, we ran on a brand new bike path. Last weekend, my cousin and her husband were doing the Chicago Triathlon. Oksana and I decided to get up super early and run 12 miles while spectating. We started our long run on Michigan Ave and then ran up and down the lakefront trail.


This marathon will probably be my last one for a year or so. I spent every summer weekend in 2015 and 2016 running for a significant period of time. Some runs take FOREVER, since I’m not a speed demon or anything 😉  I really want to make this marathon count, you know? I’m going to give these last 6 weeks of training everything I’ve got!

Running has consumed a lot of my time, but so has searching for a DOG to rescue. Andy and I are committing to moving somewhere that allows pets/maybe even has a fenced in yard next year. We are 90% sure that we will be able to rent the house of a family member, actually, so I am (as usual) prematurely planning a dog adoption. This is a very exciting step for me (and Andy, ha, he loves dogs too!), as I grew up with dogs and always thought I’d have one as an adult. Hopefully soon! I want a dog who will run with me.

Is it me or is adulthood really busy? Things just seem to move so fast lately. There is a lot that I want to do, but not nearly enough time to do all of it. One of these things is getting my business off the ground before the holiday season (<-more details eventually…). I’m going to try and manage my time a bit more effectively this week. I’m going to try and remember that I can’t do EVERYTHING. And that’s totally OK. As the late Gene Wilder stated:


What’s new with you guys?