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Catching Up

Long time, no talk, huh?

It’s been hard to post because my life has been so FULL of (mostly) awesome things. Obviously, the Olympics is one of those awesome things; Andy and I have been watching just about every night! Seeing people achieve their dreams is simply the greatest.

This past weekend, I was able to just CHILL for the first time in ages (Andy and I have had plans every weekend since June without a single break). I didn’t want to do anything, so I spent all of Saturday on the couch and then spent Sunday at the mall with Andy. Naturally, these leisurely activities followed a 15 mile run on Saturday morning, per my marathon training plan. Is it me or is the 15 miler always the absolute most difficult run of marathon training? I think it’s way harder than the 20 miler.

So, obviously, I’m still training for a marathon and fueling my long runs with jellybeans 😉


Anyway, at the mall, I purchased new running shoes! This has been a long time coming. I bought Asics Gel-Excite 4s, so an upgrade from the Gel-Excite 3s I purchased back in March. I’m so excited for another pair of new running shoes; pretty sure these will last through the marathon (or at least I hope they will).

Running has been pretty good overall, plus I’ve been 100% committed to yoga once per week. The only thing I would change about this marathon training cycle is that I’d do a heck of a lot more strength training. My energy has been really low due to a lack of sleep and higher level of activity. For some reason, I sleep less these days even though I’m running more and more each week. I need to get off the phone/computer/coloring book (yes, these are my typical evening activities, haha) at night and sleep.

Guess what? I finally bought my plane tickets for my Seattle trip with Sara! Not only will I be traveling to Seattle to run the Beat the Blerch Half Marathon, but I am also going to take a bus or train to meet one of my friends in Oregon after that! My friend happens to live in Eugene, OR and will show me around for a couple of days. Visiting that area of the US has been on my bucket list for many years. I’m ready for an adventure!

Other than my running endeavors, life is going well. I’m pretty sad that summer will be ending soon, but I’m so looking forward to my Seattle trip and the fall holidays/fashions.

Have a great Monday! I’ll try to pop in with another post this week. I miss blogging on a more regular basis.