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2016 Rock n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon Race Recap

Last Sunday, I ran the Rock n’ Roll Chicago Half with my cousin, Oksana!

The weather was originally supposed to be HOT, but we somehow lucked out with some clouds. At least, the weather seemed to be good… There was a downpour 15-20 minutes after I finished the race, which made my walk to the car a bit unpleasant. I’m grateful that I wasn’t running when the storm started!

I didn’t have any real goals for this race. It had been 2 years since my last half marathon (which didn’t go very well…) and I just wasn’t sure of what my fitness level would be on Sunday. My half marathon times have ranged from 2:03 to 2:18, so I knew anything could happen. I decided at the starting line that I wanted to beat my FIRST half marathon time (2:12), which I got in 2011 at the RnR Chicago Half, so I paced myself for that.


Lining up at the start

I felt pretty good for the entire race. For the first 6 miles, I kind of needed to use the bathroom, but I wasn’t sure if I should waste time stopping. The internal debate of whether or not to use the bathroom made for an unpleasant first half of the race. I made the decision to stop and, despite the loss of time, I think I was able to finish stronger with the break than I would have without it. This was the first time I felt better during the second half of a race than during the first half.

When I knew that I would hit my randomly chosen time goal, I decided to push myself harder and leave everything out on the course. I’m really proud of myself because I finished in 2:09:21, which was a 9:52 pace. Not bad at all! I can tell the marathon training is working because I’m in decent half shape (as for myself). Someday, I WILL go sub-2, but probably not during marathon training 😉


I’m super proud of this half marathon finish and now I really want to devote next summer to getting a PR for the 13.1 distance. Marathon training is awesome, but now I feel like I need to catch a sub-2 half next!

Anyway, here are my other workouts for week 6 of marathon training:

Monday: 1 hour yoga practice

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 4 mile run (cut down from a 6 miler because I wanted FRESH legs for the half marathon)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Lots and lots of walking


This week, my body feels pretty worn out and in need of some serious rest. I’m going to try and take it easy for now. Races take a lot out of me.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!