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Spartan Winner & Random Ramblings

I’m excited to announce that the winner of this past week’s Spartan Race entry giveaway is Gregory P! He has been notified 🙂 


Remember to check out the amazing book, Spartan Fit!, which I reviewed in my last post. You guys can pre-order Spartan Fit! HERE. Again, I REALLY enjoyed the book, despite the fact that I am more of a distance runner than an obstacle racer. It really gave me the motivation to kick my training into high gear.

To change the subject… I have been so completely out of the loop with blog posting lately. The newest development in my life is that Oksana put highlights in my hair! My hair had a weird reaction to the bleach, but deep conditioner is quickly bringing things back to normal. Now I’m enjoying being sort of blonde:


Marathon training is still going pretty great. The thing I’m noticing the most is that I am really SLEEPY lately. Running all of these miles has taken a toll on me. I probably need to add extra sleep time to my schedule to accommodate this fatigue I’m experiencing. On Sunday, Oksana and I are running the Rock n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon. It’s supposed to be HOT, so I’m not expecting a PR. The race will, however, be a really good way to get in our long run for the week. I’m pretty excited!

The last thing I have time to tell you all this morning is that Sargento Cheese has a deal right now that, if you buy TWO qualifying snack products, you will get one FREE subscription to Women’s Health Magazine for an entire year. For more information, click HERE. Not a bad deal, right?


I received this Sargento cheese as a part of the Women’s Health Action Hero program 🙂 Cheese is one of my FAVORITE foods and these Colby-Pepper Jack bites did not disappoint. I love getting to share amazing deals and products with all of you!

REMEMBER, if you are thinking about running the Run 10 Feed 10 race, you can get a discount with my code WHERICKSON.

I have to get to work now, but I’m glad I got to post at least a little something this morning. I’m so happy it’s almost the weekend!

What are you guys up to this weekend??