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Spartan Fit! Book Review & Race Entry GIVEAWAY

Good morning! Today I’m coming at you with a review of Spartan Fit! by Joe DeSena, the creator of Spartan Race. Spartan Fit! will be available for purchase next month and I was lucky enough to receive access to an advance copy in return for my review here on Mel’s Miles. One of my lucky readers will have the opportunity to win an entry for a free Spartan Race of their choice. More information on this can be found at the end of this post.

First, let me just tell you guys that, overall, Spartan Fit! was GREAT. You probably know that I am not much of a Spartan Racer myself, but I found the book to be really helpful for building fitness in general – especially for my running endeavors.


Spartan Fit! is centered on preparing people to get to the finish line of a Spartan Race. If you’ve never attempted a Spartan Race, then you may not know that every single course is set up a little bit differently. Obstacles and their placement are often unpredictable and, because of this, hopeful finishers typically wonder about how exactly to train. This is one of the reasons Joe DeSena decided to write Spartan Fit!

In the book, DeSena writes about the history of Spartan Race. He also includes basic information about each of the race options and educates readers about the consequences of skipping an obstacle: usually 30 burpees; otherwise the racer will be disqualified. I really appreciated this section of the book. Someday, I definitely want to run a Spartan Race and now I know more about what to expect.

Joe DeSena explained that he has a holistic view of fitness, which is a concept that I completely agree with. His version of this involves Seven Pillars, including endurance, nutrition, strength, etc. Each of DeSena’s pillars gets its own section in the book with a plethora of information on how to improve in each area.

The end of the book contains a 30 day plan for people to get Spartan Fit! The plan goes DAY BY DAY with exercises for each of the 30 days. Spartan Fit! also includes healthy recipes, some experiences of former racers, and so much more!

I got to the last page of Spartan Fit! and felt an extreme sense of motivation for my own marathon training/the improvement of my general health. Like I mentioned, I am still new to the idea of doing a Spartan Race, but Spartan Fit! helped me see that it is completely possible to complete one – especially now that I have a great book with tons of helpful tips to reference 🙂

I recommend Spartan Fit! for all fitness enthusiasts. If you are hoping to run your first or 100th Spartan Race, I’m positive that you will get something out of Spartan Fit! The book is available for pre-order here.


If you ARE interested in running a Spartan Race, I have a free race entry code to give away to ONE lucky reader. This race entry is for an open heat in any Spartan Race in the continental US. To enter, please leave a comment telling me why you are interested in running a Spartan Race. The giveaway will go until 11:59pm CST on Thursday, July 14th. The winner will be announced in next Friday’s post. Good luck!!

  • Eric Wisniewski

    Spartan’s always push you to your limits. No better way to learn about yourself than pushing to your limits and beyond, especially on a tough mountain course.

  • Gregory Pochron

    I always want to challenge myself and see what I can accomplish. I’ve been through a few back and knee surgerys so it’s always a great feeling when you finish something that’s a hard as a spartan race.

    • Mel

      Gregory, you WON! I’m not sure how Disqus works, so I can’t find your email. I would like to send you the race code, so please contact me at 🙂 CONGRATS!

      • Gregory Pochron

        I sent an email. Thank you so much.