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Chicago Marathon Training 2016: Week 4

I’m so sorry that it’s been such a long time since my last post. Life has been really tiring and hectic lately, but in a good way (for the most part!). It’s also been hard to remember to blog because I couldn’t do so for a couple of weeks – remember when my blog was hacked last month? Sad times.

This week, I tacked some PTO onto the 4th of July weekend because my cousin, Kat, is in town. We drove up to Minnesota together (with Oksana and my uncle) to visit my other cousin, who just had a precious baby girl. We had a lot of fun and now this is my last day of vacation time… back to work for only 2 days tomorrow!

Marathon training has been going really well still. I’ve honestly loved almost every single workout. This is such a contrast from last year, when I often had to force myself to go running. It helps to have Oksana as my marathon training buddy this year. She is really getting me pumped! We’re running the Rock n’ Roll Chicago Half in 2 weeks and I just can’t wait!

Andy has also been a good training buddy because we’ve been taking long walks in a forest preserve by our apartment that we recently discovered. I count our walks (they’re usually between 3 & 5 miles) as cross-training, but I have also been a bit more focused on maintaining my strength this time around by lifting weights or working out with SWORKIT. I think all this cross-training going to help me meet my goal of running my best marathon yet. I hope to add in a swimming workout next week, too. Swimming was really helpful during my first marathon training cycle.


Sunset scene from my walk with Andy <3

Here are last week’s (June 27th-July 3rd) workouts!

Monday: 1 hour yoga practice

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 5 mile run

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 7 mile long run

Sunday: A walk with Kat!

Last week was pretty chill since it was a step back week/family was in town, but I’m happy that I fit in all of my runs and a nice long walk. This week involves a 12 miler and I’m a bit nervous :O

I’ll be back on Friday with an awesome GIVEAWAY!!!