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Race Against Hate 2016 + Updates Since The Hack

You guys! I’m back, all thanks to my girl, Sara, who FIXED MY WEBSITE. Thank goodness for fantastic friends who are also software engineers. Without Sara, I would have been in a real conundrum. Thanks to Sara, I’m here with a bit of a race recap and some life/blogging updates.

Yesterday, Oksana and I ran the Ricky Byrdsong Race Against Hate 10k in Evanston. This is one of my favorite races (last year’s recap), even though it’s always super painful for me. Not sure why, but oh well.


Brief recap: Oksana and I ran together the entire time. I can’t speak for her, but I felt pretty good from miles 1-4. When we got to the 4th mile, I suggested we pick up the pace a little. That was when things got ugly for me. It was HOT outside and running was much more difficult than usual. I assumed I’d be able to run faster, but pushing the pace felt impossible. At mile 5, I saw one of my dear old friends volunteering, which was SO COOL. As we approached the finish line, Oksana wanted to sprint. I tried to keep up with her, but I couldn’t! We finished in an hour and some change. Not a time I’m proud of, but I am proud that I really did my best out there in 90* weather. It felt damn good to cross the finish line 🙂

Also noteworthy – I had a 9 mile long run scheduled, per my Chicago Marathon training plan. Originally, I wasn’t going to finish it today, but I was feeling good. I finished the last 2.8 miles when I got home and couldn’t be prouder right now! I also tested out my new Camelbak and I LOVE IT.


In other news…

As mentioned (and as you probably know), Mel’s Miles was hacked a week or two ago. You can now find my blog (for a couple more weeks, according to Google) by using some… interesting… search terms, which I will not repeat in this post. Gotta keep it clean. Sara is going to redesign the site and protect me from getting hacked again! So, if you’re on my actual webpage (rather than in Feedly or such), then that is why my blog has a very basic appearance right now.

I’m still training for the Chicago Marathon (done with week 2!), working to eat healthier and lose the weight I gained (down 2 pounds out of 7… slow and steady, haha), and I’m still a Women’s Health Magazine Action Hero (new post about that coming up at some point this week!). My last bit of exciting news is that I will no longer be working Saturdays. Can you believe that? If you’re a long-time blog reader, you may remember that I’ve been working on Saturdays since I graduated from college. Now I have a Monday-Friday schedule! AHH! <- I can’t talk about this enough.

Hopefully I’ll be back in my blogging groove this week without too many issues. Thank you for your patience <3

  • Yay! glad you’re back! BOOOO for hacking.

    • Mel

      SERIOUSLY! I couldn’t believe that hacking was POSSIBLE. It was such a shock 🙁

      Happy to be back!