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Bear with us: Mel’s Miles will be back to normal soon!

Hello, dedicated readers! Mel’s running buddy Sara here.

You may have noticed something weird happening with Mel’s Miles over the past few days. We were hacked by a massive doxxing attack last week, which apparently affected more than 10,000 WordPress websites.

Please stick with us as we address the issue. Lucky for Mel, her race buddy (me!) doubles as a software engineer — so I’m working on getting everything back to normal. We didn’t have any backups (big no-no. Back up your data, folks) so it has been a wild week trying to clean and restore our data.

For now, you’ll notice our theme is back to its default (ugly) state, some (most?) image links are broken, and most (all?) permalinks have been changed. We’ve restored all of our blog posts, but we had to purge all user data and comments while cleaning our database. There will likely be some more funky stuff floating around (duplicate posts, etc.) for a little while longer.

We’d love for you to sign up again if you were receiving emails with blog updates or regularly communicating with us via comments.

Thank you so much for your patience and continued readership.

Lots of love,

Sara J. —aka— Your Friendly Neighborhood IT Administrator

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