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SWORKIT + Vanity Talk

Happy Workout Wednesday! I switched up my workouts quite a bit last week because I wanted to try my new app called SWORKIT.

sworkit As a person who is chronically late, sometimes it’s hard for me to squeeze in a gym session (because I need to drive 10-15 minutes both there and back, AND THEN get ready for work/bed/whatever I’m going to do afterwards). SWORKIT allows me to work out at home. You get to pick from the 4 workouts above AND how long you would like to do them – starting from 5 minutes! Because I want to focus on strength training before I start my marathon plan in June, SWORKIT is especially helpful. I’ve felt sore almost all week, which (to me) is the sign of a good workout. Switching up my usual running for something else feels fantastic. Running is my all-time favorite exercise, but I think my body got too used to it. (This is not a sponsored post for SWORKIT. I just really enjoy the app and I think you should all download it!)

Before I share my workouts from last week, I also wanted to talk about vanity (when it comes to weight). I’ve been very focused on losing weight/eating healthier/switching up my exercise routine these days. Some of this behavior is not very healthy, I am beginning to realize. I’ve never had an eating disorder (and I really don’t want to develop one now), mostly because I was always naturally thin. I used to be able to eat what I wanted and as much as I wanted without gaining a single pound. That all changed just over a year ago. Since starting my internship in September 2014, I’ve been super stressed. The stress never ended and I think that is a big contributor of my weight gain. Starting a new career ain’t easy! On top of that, I’m getting older and I think my metabolism is slowing down.

OK, so more about the VANITY part now. I think for me, weight loss isn’t ALL about looking better, though that has been a large part of it, heh. I think wanting to lose these 7 pounds is also because I’m comparing myself to who I was at age 22, which I am NOT and never will be again. I can’t compare and I don’t want to live my life bound by some sort of “diet.” Instead, I want to make healthier choices and be more mindful of what I’m eating. I honestly think that whatever we put into our body is due to how we FEEL. I think stress impacted my desire to care for and nourish my body, but I’ve been feeling calmer and more confident in myself lately. Finally, I feel ready to really commit to a healthy lifestyle again – not just because I want to LOOK GOOD/for vanity reasons, but because I want to live a long and healthy life. To emphasize my point, please watch this video by Cassey Ho, of Blogilates fame, about dieting and why she will never do it again. I totally get this message because too much restriction has lead me to “cheat” often and binge eat a bunch of junk food. Intuitive/mindful eating is where it’s AT. Here’s to a long and healthy life, regardless of what the scale says 🙂


Instead of refueling with a Frappuccino (true life: I used to do this ALL THE TIME), I had a green smoothie after going to the gym the other day. AND it was delicious. This is what I’m talking about: I just want to make healthier food choices on a regular basis 🙂

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday: 60 minute yoga class

Tuesday: 1 mile run around my neighborhood and then 25 minutes of strength with SWORKIT -> probably my favorite day of exercise in a long time. I loved the variety!

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Ran a speedy 2 miles on the treadmill and then lifted some weights.

Friday: Cardio SWORKIT for 25 minutes

Saturday: Strength SWORKIT for 25 minutes

Sunday: Oksana‘s graduation in Wisconsin! We had such a lovely day. So proud of Oksana for earning her bachelor’s degree!


My uncle, my aunt, Oksana, and your’s truly 🙂


I ate whatever I wanted on this day because I believe in celebrating/enjoying delicious things when I want to 🙂

Thank you for reading about my thoughts on vanity/dieting and all about SWORKIT! Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

How do you make sure you’re eating healthy foods?

Have you ever tried SWORKIT?