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A Different Fitness Focus

Ever since I ran the Shamrock Shuffle 8k last month, I’ve significantly cut down on my running. Obviously, this is only temporary because marathon training will start before I know it. Until then, my main focus is on strength, which has never been something I cared about very much. I feel that I have to care now because, now that I’m in my (gasp!) late twenties, I can feel/see my body changing. I used to struggle to gain weight, but now it’s way too easy 😛 Lifting weights isn’t only a vanity thing for me, though. Osteoporosis runs in my family and I need to start working towards preventing that NOW. I hear that lifting weights can help with bone density. My plan is to get used to lifting now and incorporate it into my marathon training. Rumor has it that getting stronger will help me run faster! Not to worry, though, because running is about to happen. A LOT OF RUNNING. I just registered for another half marathon in September. The best part? It’s in SEATTLE. With my awesome friend Sara, who you may remember from the days when Andy and I always went up to Milwaukee.


Ragnar Relay-ing with Sara in 2014!

We will be running the Beat the Blerch half marathon. We are running for fun and I agreed to go mostly because I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Seattle. The race was just an excuse, even though I am highly amused by the entire Blerch franchise. Sara’s husband, Tim, and Andy will be joining us (but not running. Those two are not big fans of running, haha). CAN’T WAIT! seattlebeattheblerch That said, here are my workouts from last week…

Monday: 1 hour yoga class with one of the best instructors I’ve EVER had.

Tuesday: Running warm up followed by lifting weights

Wednesday: 30 minutes on the elliptical

Thursday: Running warm up followed by lifting weights

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Running warm up followed by lifting weights I must say that I am constantly sore from all this lifting, which is oddly satisfying for me. Perhaps my body is too used to running because it is rare for me to feel the effects of my workouts. Hopefully I will be able to see some results soon 🙂

Have you ever run a destination race? – my last one was the Tinker Bell Half in California!