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Gratitude Friday: Cheers to the Weekend + Spartan Winner

The winner of my Spartan Race Giveaway is at the end of this post! GratitudeFriday I’ve mentioned this before, but I am committed to reducing my stress lately. My job is stressful, as many of your jobs are, I’d imagine. Don’t get me wrong, my job is also the most rewarding one I’ve ever had in my life and my coworkers are incredible people. Some days, I can’t believe how lucky I am to be in this position. However, social worker types have a high burnout rate. I’m trying to maintain my sanity in any way that I can, but I must admit that it ain’t easy. Practicing gratitude regularly has been amazing. There’s a lot that I do not have in life, but so much that I do have. It really helps reduce my anxiety to be more mindful about how fortunate I am 🙂 Lately, I’ve been grateful for coloring. Sometimes, I have trouble motivating myself to put my markers/colored pencils to paper, but this week has been a coloring-heavy week. Coloring-heavy weeks are the best. img_3510.jpg I also got to practice yoga on Wednesday night, so I’m grateful for 2 relaxing activities that I was able to do this week! I have had to work during yoga class for tons of weeks in a row, but was able to work earlier hours for once 🙂 Week = made. I’m grateful that I have several exciting things coming up! Oksana and I are going to her sister/my cousin’s baby shower and Andy and I are attending his cousin’s wedding – both are this month. My Boston trip is only 1 month away at this point and I am PSYCHED. Plus, another exciting trip is in the works for September. More details later; all I can say right now is that this trip will involve running and a bucket list city for me!!! I’m grateful for a successful Shamrock Shuffle 8k last weekend.  img_3497.jpg I’m grateful for new fitness goals that keep me motivated! I’m grateful that my family loves dogs. My dad’s dog, Kelly, won her champion title for agility. Of course, this lead my dad to host a dog party last weekend. Being surrounded by tons of dogs was the best thing ever. bellyrubdog I’m grateful for the opportunity to have a blog, host cool giveaways, and for the people I’ve met through blogging.  I’m grateful that Spartan Race gave me the opportunity to give away a race entry! As mentioned, a new book, Spartan Fit!, is coming soon. You can find more information and pre-order the book here! Spartan Race has a variety of events in the U.S. and one lucky winner gets to participate in one of those events! That winner is: Eric W. Eric has been contacted by email. CONGRATULATIONS!! For those who did not win, you still can get 10% off any race entry with the code SPARTANBLOGGER. Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway. Have a good weekend!