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Shamrock Shuffle 2016 Goals & Thoughts on my Training

The Shamrock Shuffle is on Sunday. My training is mostly complete! I will do some cross training today and run 3 miles tomorrow, but otherwise this is it for training. Normally, I’d do a recap of my recent workouts, but my training was pretty lame last week. I was too busy celebrating Easter and dressing up as Sporty Spice at a 90s party 😉 img_3463.jpg Despite a lame week of training, I would say that my training has been pretty good overall. I rarely skipped a run, which for me is a miracle. It’s doubtful that I will PR, since my last PR at the Shamrock Shuffle was in 2014 – a time when I was faster in general. I mean, I will probably still be able to have a good/fast (for me) race, but I’m not so sure about running an 8k in under 42:58. We shall see. My Possible Goals

  1. Leave everything on the course and give it my all, which is my goal for most races 🙂
  2. Finish faster than last year (45:55)
  3. PR (under 42:58)

If I hit any of those goals, I’ll be happy. So, basically, I can’t go wrong on race day *knock on wood* ALSO, I wanted to mention that my next post will be on Friday and it will involve a GIVEAWAY for a Spartan Race entry. So many exciting things are happening with Spartan, such as a new book called Spartan Fit!, which is coming out soon. Spartan also has the Agoge training program, which sounds intense. If you can’t wait for the giveaway on Friday, you can save 10% by using the code SPARTANBLOGGER. The code is good for ANY Spartan Race!