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Shamrock Shuffle 8k Training 2016: Week 6

Last week, my main focus was on speed. My training runs have been pretty slow. Not just during this training cycle, but also when I was marathon training. It’s starting to hit me that slowing down with my running is not just due to getting older (which is not likely at all… there are plenty of people who only get faster as they get older) and/or my weight gain (between 5-7 pounds since 2014… that’s not a ton of weight, but I can totally feel it), but a lack of confidence in my running. I slowed down with training last year when I was super busy finishing grad school. Since then, I’ve stopped feeling physically fit – despite finishing a marathon. Being fit was a part of my identity from 2010-2014 and I felt like that image I had of myself slipped away during my internship year.  When I started marathon training in June of 2015, I ran slowly (for me). What used to be 10 minute mile training runs were more like 11 or 12 minutes per mile. I never challenged myself to speed up again because I just didn’t feel like I could. So, this week, I really wanted to test my “easy pace.” I’m too lazy to look up the official research on this topic, but I remember reading that to become a fast runner, one must simply RUN FASTER during training. That is exactly what I experimented with this week. It helped that one of the runs on my schedule was to just complete a 1 mile time trial. Now I can try a mile again in a month or so to see if I got any faster. Pretty cool 😀 Last Week’s Workouts Monday: 50 minute elliptical Tuesday: 30 minute elliptical Wednesday: 1 mile time trial (8:19… not bad!) + weights Thursday: 3 mile run + weights img_3444.jpg Friday: Rest Saturday: Rest Sunday: 6 mile run in 56:56. That’s a 9:28 pace! WOO! As you can see, running faster was not impossible. I can still do it! The best part is that keeping up those paces was NOT that hard. In fact, keeping a 9:30-10:00 pace felt pretty natural. I’m going to try to run a little bit faster from now on. My goal is to get back to where I was with my fitness in 2014 😀 Have you ever experimented with changing your “natural” easy run pace? Am I doing this right? Haha.