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Gratitude Friday: Some Calm During the Storm Edition

GratitudeFriday Hello for the second time this week! How odd that I’m posting twice 🙂 I took today off and have a bit of extra time this morning, so I thought I’d write up a quick post because I am in need of some gratitude. The title of the post is because my week has been NUTS. We are having a surprise audit at work next week (the surprise is that we always find out 5 days beforehand) and I took a 4 day weekend before we found out. SO, I will probably go into work tomorrow and Monday for a bit to do a bit more paperwork. Sad times, but this is adulting, I suppose. I can take those vacation days at a different time. Despite having to work on my long weekend, I’m grateful that I have today off! Andy and I actually are both off today, so we are going on an adventure downtown! I’m grateful for SpotHero (<-referral link)! Now that we’re suburbanites, Andy and I often drive into the city whenever we go. It is so easy to park with SpotHero and usually costs us under $10 for an entire day! Life is stressful enough these days, so it feels good to not worry as much about parking. We just reserve a spot and go! I’m grateful that Andy and I had a lovely Valentine’s Day. Andy has been sick with bronchitis, but still took me out to dinner and got me a sweet card and chocolate. He’s a keeper <3 img_3286.jpg I’m grateful that Oksana is going to give me a haircut on Sunday! MUCH NEEDED. My hair is so long and can no longer even be styled into anything presentable. I’m grateful for running. As usual. I’m grateful for today’s lovely weather. It’s in the 50s today, people! I am so happy and just ran outside with Oksana 😀 I’m grateful that my taxes are done and that I’m getting lots of dinero back. I already have big plans for what I will do with the money (put the majority in savings, put some towards new running shoes, and the rest towards my trip to Boston in May!!!) I’m grateful that Oksana and I are going to visit Kat in Boston this May! WAHOOO!!!!! I really need to travel! I haven’t been on a plane since January 2014. This needs to change ASAP. I’m grateful that Kat came to visit us last month! We went to a comedy show and ate Lou Malnati’s. Nom nom nom. IMG_3225 I’m grateful for self-care. My biggest self-care activity right now is taking bubble baths. And reading. And sometimes reading while taking a bubble bath. Right now, I’m using this amazing bubble bath, which has such a relaxing lavender scent! I’m reading this book; I’ll probably let you all know how it is in a future book reviews post. I have been doing great at sticking to my reading goals for 2016, which is to read 20 books! I’m grateful for fun drinks and food at the Super Bowl party I went to. I’m still thinking about those margaritas 🙂 img_3261.jpg I’m grateful for my dad. It’s his birthday TOMORROW. Fun fact: tomorrow is also my uncle and cousin’s birthday. They used to call themselves the Three Musketeers when I was a kid, which made me feel so left out. My dad is a twin, so it’s not THAT much of a coincidence that they all share February 20th as their birthday, but still. I think it’s really cool! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Do you have family members with the same birthday? What are you grateful for today?