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Shamrock Shuffle 8k Training 2016: Week 1

Good morning! Long time no talk. I’m afraid things have been rather busy in my neck of the woods and this blog has not received the attention it deserves. Andy is sick with bronchitis and his coughing has kept me up on and off for several nights in a row, I have some extra work stress this week, and I’ve been working a bit of a side job lately. Aside from running, what little free time I have has been consumed with Downton Abbey marathoning. I am trying to focus on self-care as opposed to spending time on my blog. My brain is so exhausted at the end of the day that it absolutely requires running and/or mindless TV. I may not be posting as much, but I still intend to post about my Shamrock Shuffle Training every single Wednesday. Running has definitely been a priority in my life so far (1 week, lol) during this training cycle. I even ran on Valentine’s Day! img_3282.jpg I was part of a Weekend Warrior competition on Fitbit, which means that I was competing with a few friends for the most steps over the weekend. I worked out an extra day last week because I really wanted to win the challenge. I got second place out of seven. Not too shabby. Last Week’s Workouts Monday: 30 minute tempo run Tuesday: 30 minute elliptical + weights Wednesday: Rest Thursday: 2 mile run + weights Friday: Rest Saturday: 30 minute elliptical Sunday: 4 mile run on the indoor track! img_3281.jpg It feels good to have followed my training plan 100%. This week has been really tough at work (and with sleep…) so far (and I’m only writing this on a Tuesday!), so hopefully I can pull myself together to continue with training. Just gotta continue making running a priority. It’s good for both my mental and physical health 🙂