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It’s That Time of Year Again {Shamrock Shuffle 8k Training}

If you’re one of my long-time readers, then you’ll know that I’ve finished the Shamrock Shuffle 8k many, many times (for someone in their twenties, anyway). This year’s Shuffle will be my tenth one. I was 18 when I finished this race for the first time and I am not one to end traditions 🙂 2014 recap – my PR! 20140330-153101.jpg 2015 recap RunningShamrockShuffle As mentioned in my 2016 Goals post, I am working harder on my running this year. I’ve already been running pretty regularly at the gym. In no time at all, I’ll be able to take my running outdoors. I just don’t run outside in the winter due to my low tolerance for being cold, ha. I think running on the treadmill makes tempo and interval runs way easier anyway – and I plan to complete one speedy run each week! I copied this plan from when I ran the Shamrock Shuffle in 2013, a time when I was a much faster runner. I’m hoping to channel my younger self in hopes of running a fast 8k this year. We shall see what happens 🙂 shamrock shuffle 8k training plan This plan is very doable for me! My hope is to focus most on cross-training and strength, which are usually the first things to be sacrificed on my training plans. I’m going to try my best to REALLY follow this plan. I have the tendency to fall of the wagon, so I will post each week to be held accountable! Training starts next week, so my next post about the Shamrock Shuffle will be the following Wednesday (02/17). Can’t wait to recap my first week of training! When is your next race?