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Gratitude Friday: Grateful for the New Year Edition

GratitudeFriday I’m very motivated to keep up with Gratitude Friday this year. Let’s hope that motivation continues past January 😉 Like your average human, I am extra motivated this week. I’ve upped the intensity of my workouts at the gym, have committed to eating a salad every day this month, and more. It’s refreshing to feel this way. I spent so much time in grad school focusing on everything except for my own self-care. Now that I have a full-time job and pretty much NO other commitments, having the time to take care of myself has been… weird. It’s not in my nature to sit around doing “nothing,” but I’m slowly learning that “nothing” is exactly what I need sometimes. I’m grateful for The Sims 4. Andy bought me my favorite childhood game as an early Christmas gift and I just can’t get enough of it! It’s such a good way to relax after a long day. I’m grateful for Lush bath bombs. I forgot how much I enjoy baths because I hadn’t had a bathtub in 3 years up until last August when I moved. Andy got me some Lush products for Christmas, which are pretty awesome, if you ask me! I’m grateful that Andy and I got to spend Christmas morning as just the 2 of us. This was great before a day of driving all over Illinois to see various family members. IMG_3045-0.jpg I’m grateful to have seen so many people the last couple of weeks. Andy and I traveled to many different places since Christmas Eve. I feel so lucky to have so many loving family members and friends to see during the holidays – I know that some people don’t have that and I definitely don’t take it for granted <3 I’m grateful that I got to go to the zoo lights with Andy’s family. We went last year at this time too, so I think it’s becoming a tradition. IMG_3078-0.jpg I’m grateful that I ended 2015 on a high note! As you can see, the above portion of this post focuses on last year, which was really only last week (ha). I’m grateful that I have a gym membership. Running outside is NOT happening. Luckily, I don’t mind the treadmill for shorter runs these days.  I’m grateful for GOALS! My last post was all about goals for 2016, which made me so happy to write. I hope all of you have a happy Friday and are having a happy New Year! dayyou