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A Brief Review of 2015

I always say that I’m nothing if not reflective. How could I call myself a blogger without writing at least something about my year? I already wrote about my running in 2015, so now I’m going to write about my life in 2015! Where do I start? So much has changed this year; in January, I was in a totally different place than I’m in right now at the tail end of December. To be honest, I didn’t expect much from 2015. Pessimistic? Maybe. But when your year starts with 3 weeks of bronchitis, your mom in the hospital, and someone breaking into your car, it’s hard to think positively. There were some fun things about January, like Andy and I attending his company party on the first weekend of the year. IMG_2227.JPG

I was getting pretty sick at this point, but I look normal. I will be forever proud of this photo 🙂

In February, it was freezing cold and snowed a heck of a lot. I developed an eye strain and realized I needed glasses <- this was a big deal! I had practically perfect vision for the first 26 years of my life. I still have to think twice when people ask about “the girl with glasses.” Oh, that’s me? Weird.


I worked all the time from January-April. I was at the peak of my clinical internship and had to squeeze in all of my required hours. I was taking 2 classes. I was working part-time at a bank. My only day off was on Sundays, which I spent writing papers. No wonder I developed an eye strain…

Luckily, I squeezed in some training for the Shamrock Shuffle 8k. I didn’t find a lot of time for my training plan, but I put in a solid effort. More on this in my previous post about 2015 workouts.

In March, everything started to change. A classmate recommended me for a job and I went in for an interview, not expecting much. I was offered a job during the interview and started working for them part-time 3 weeks later (in April). I left my long-time job at a bank, where I held several different positions over the course of 4.5 years. I blogged a bit about this, but changing my life unexpectedly (for the better!) caused me a lot of anxiety. Yes, it was such a good thing, but leaving the familiar job for something so unfamiliar was not easy for me. The transition was rough.

During the time when I put in my 2 weeks notice, my cat, Molly, starting having kidney failure. She ended up passing away. Molly was 15 and the sweetest cat in the world. I still miss her and always expect to see her when I visit my parents’ house.


RIP Molly

The best part of my new job was that I only worked on Fridays and Saturdays, which are probably the worst 2 days to work (HAHA), but it was only 2 days! I also worked (for free…) at my internship 2 days/week. I got to have 3 days off every week from April-July. I used those days off for Starbucks and running, obviously.

In May, I turned 27! Kind of a scary late-mid-twenties age, if you ask me, but I’ve embraced it.


I spent the summer wrapping of grad school (I honestly didn’t have much left to do!), hanging out at Starbucks with Oksana, running with Oksana (lots of time with Oksana, haha!), working through my anxiety, and focusing on marathon training!

The biggest part of summer (aside from marathon training) was ending my year-long internship. Even though the internship meant working without pay, I loved it. My supervisor and I really got along, which is incredibly important. I had amazing coworkers. My clients there will always have a special place in my heart because they were some of the first once I got to see <3 My internship was at a community health clinic, which was within walking distance of my apartment at the time. The situation could not have been more perfect. I’m so thankful for that experience!


I took a week off at the end of July between ending my internship and starting to work full-time. I used that week to attend my cousin, Rachel’s, wedding in Brainerd, Minnesota. The wedding was basically the event of the year in my family. Rachel is the first cousin to get married on that side of the family. Obviously this was quite a big deal for us 🙂

Oh, and the day before our road trip to Brainerd, I finished grad school! <- important detail!


Oksana and me at the wedding

The day after Andy and I returned to Chicago, we moved into our new apartment!


The apartment is so full of STUFF now. Can’t believe it ever looked like this.

We attended Megan and Brandon’s wedding in September, which was super fun! Other than that, I was just adjusting to a full-time job instead of school + several part time jobs. Well, I was also in the thick of marathon training.


I took MANY ice baths.

In October, I ran a marathon. No big deal.


In November, Andy and I went to the Wisconsin Dells!


Now it’s December, as you know, and I am just thinking about what I want for 2016. I have a post in the works about that 🙂 But, really, in December I’ve enjoyed spending the holiday season as Andy’s roommate! We set up a Christmas tree, attended family gatherings, went to holiday parties, etc. I went with my friends to see the Nutcracker on Ice. I gave and received some amazing gifts. This is such a great time of year, but I’m ready to see what next year will bring!


Oh, I also walked for graduation this month. It was a GREAT EXPERIENCE!


In summary, 2015 has been such a year of change. On paper, 2015 is probably the best year of my life – even though it started on such a low note. In reality, with such great opportunities has come great anxiety for me. I am learning a lot about myself this year and have made so much progress. I love the fact that I ran a marathon, graduated, got a new job, moved in with Andy, etc… but I’m hoping to slow down and just enjoy my life a little more in 2016. I’ve worked so hard to get to this point and deserve to chill for a little while. It’s been quite the year and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it!