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Workout Wednesday: What’s Next? 

If you were curious about what I’ve been up to, workout-wise (as I’m sure you have been, ha), then let me tell you… it has NOT been much. Let me tell you more about that (plus my goals for my personal running “off” season – AKA winter) in this rambly blog post. Like the seasons, my workout routine has officially changed since the Chicago Marathon last month. IMG_3364 I mostly wrote that sentence in order to incorporate the above photo, but extreme changes to my exercise routine are a reality. Gone are the regular weekend double digit runs. Honestly, I feel super sad about that. I miss feeling like a badass pretty much every Sunday after running 10, 15, and even 20 miles! Now, there is no concrete running goal to work towards. chicagomarathon2015accoplished

Obviously achieved my last goal of finishing MY SECOND MARATHON 🙂

It is highly typical of me to fall into an exercise rut following a big race. A marathon is the biggest of big for me, when it comes to road races. I’m not really interested in running an ultra marathon. Plus, the weather is getting too cold for me to feel motivated for going outside and running all the miles. I prefer temps in the 60s and 70s. Lately, Chicago is in the 50s and below. Not my cup of tea – and it’s only getting colder. My next longer distance race (half marathon or such) will probably be in the late spring/early summer. I might do a 5k or 10k during the winter, but who knows? I’m taking a break from “serious” running for now. I like to take a running break during this time of year to avoid the cold and spend time with loved ones. There is nothing wrong with a running break. NOTHING AT ALL. In fact, I love taking it really easy with my running because that makes it even more exciting when I get back into it. The best part is spending time on other workouts to maintain my fitness. My favorite thing in the winter is to ride a stationary bike or go on the elliptical while reading a good book. It’s a win-win situation 🙂 My cousin, Oksana, is an exercise science major. She put together a strength training program for me, which I intend to focus my energy on during this holiday season. I look forward to seeing my progress. I’m thinking that I’ll start out with 2 days with mixed cardio/weights, 1 day of straight cardio, and 1 day of yoga. IMG_2809.JPG

Oksana and me running long on a hot summer day. Now, we’ll take our workouts to the gym!

Marathon training has been quite the exciting journey, but I’m ready for a new “season.”

What is the most recent fitness goal that you accomplished?

What are your current fitness goals?