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Life in October 2015

Another month, another life update! I’m going to try to write a “Life in ____” every month because it will be fun for me to look back on in the future. Things in October have been good. It’s finally hitting me that I’m no longer a student, despite graduating with my MA back in August. I have applied for my therapist license and should be getting it SOON. Hallelujah. With a license, I’ll be able to see clients with insurance other than Medicaid, which is awesome. Work is going well! I am learning so much and am working on accepting the fact that (despite working in the field for well over a year now) I am still quite the novice in this profession.  I am especially a novice at working with children – it’s very different from my internship experience of only working with adults. Honestly, I really like working with kids and their parents – it’s so rewarding and even FUN! IMG_3352

Working with kids means I have the excuse to buy toys for them (and for myself…)

As you probably know, I also ran the Chicago Marathon this OctoberI’m already looking forward to running next year. Hopefully the lottery will accept me! The first time I ran a marathon, I never wanted to run again after crossing the finish line. This time was the complete opposite. I’d probably run another marathon tomorrow if you’d let me 😉


I’m trying to take it easy right now with running and am trying other ways to stay fit. Oksana is creating a weight lifting plan for me (she’s an exercise science major), which I am excited to begin this week!

My college reunion was last weekend. FIVE YEARS. I can’t believe so much time has passed since college. I attended a small liberal arts college where everyone knew everyone. My main group of friends did not attend the reunion, but one good friend and I decided to attend the homecoming celebration with our boyfriends anyway. I’m so glad we did! Catching up with the class of 2010 was awesome – it helped me remember that it is possible to reunite with people from that significant time in my life 🙂


Andy didn’t even go to my college, but he was my date to the reunion 🙂

There was a mashed potato bar at the homecoming celebration!!!!



I attended my friend Brigit’s baby’s birthday party. She turned 2 🙂

My bank coworkers and I met up for a final reunion before one of them left the country!

My cousin, Kat, came to town. It’s always awesome to see Katerina. We went to a yoga class, shopped, and had a Starbucks date. Oh, and we played with some doggies:


Here is one of them!

I watched a lot (meaning ALL) of Jane the Virgin on Netflix.

Oksana cut my hair. It looked like this beforehand:


I found inspirational quotes on the internet, like this one:


I did a lot more since my last monthly update, but these are the highlights. No big deal, I just ran a marathon and did some other stuff this month 😉 Tooting my own horn here, obviously.

What have you done so far in October?

What do you like to put on your mashed potatoes?