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Gratitude Friday: I’m a 2-Time Marathoner Edition

GratitudeFriday I feel like I have so much to be grateful for this week, you know? Running 26.2 miles on Sunday reminded me of how important it is to enjoy every moment. There are times in my life that I wish away, which is no way to live. I realized on Sunday that it wasn’t finishing the Chicago Marathon that I’ll remember most about my running in 2015, but my journey through training. Every second of every single day is significant. I want to be grateful for all of it 🙂 First and foremost, I’m grateful that I finished my second marathon on Sunday (RECAP HERE – shameless plug). IMG_3336-0 Crossing the finish line of 26.2 miles after a childhood of being yelled at in gym class for sucking at sports – yes, that happened to me – feels awesome. I’m a freakin’ athlete, and have been for quite a long time. I put in the training, time, and effort necessary for running the Chicago Marathon. Things got tough during the race, but I left everything on the course. My time was not even close to a PR, but the marathon simply could not have gone better for me on Sunday. I’m very proud of myself! Pretty sure I’ll be back for another Chicago Marathon in 2016!!! I’m grateful for the race volunteers and spectators. The Chicago Marathon is known for its fantastic crowds. I was so happy to have everyone cheering me on – there were times when I really needed a boost. I also appreciate anyone who volunteers because I know from experience that it’s quite a big commitment. I’m grateful for my personal supporters: my friends, family, and Andy. Thank you all for the encouragement – especially Andy for riding his bike next to me for all those training miles <3 I’m grateful that I didn’t get injured during this training cycle and marathon. Back in 2012, I injured my knee and couldn’t run for 3 months after the marathon. Today, I feel pretty much back to normal, which is definitely not something I take for granted. I’m grateful that there is life after the marathon. I hopefully won’t get the post-marathon blues this time around because I feel like there is a lot to look forward to. I am especially excited to spend my Sunday mornings sleeping in instead of completing long training runs. Marathon training was awesome, but it’s good to take a break every now and then 🙂 I’m grateful for this quote: IMG_3340 I have probably shared this quote before, but it definitely sums up how I feel about my life. Anxiety is something I’ve suffered from since first grade (seriously), but I am constantly challenging myself. Running a marathon is just one example 🙂 Never stop pushing forward and going after your goals, people! Life is too short. What is the last awesome goal you accomplished?