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Chicago Marathon Training 09/28 – 10/04

It’s hard to believe that my next training recap post will include a 26.2 mile “workout.” Yes, my friends, it is almost time for me to become a 2 time marathoner. The first time I ran a marathon was at the Chicago Marathon on this very day (October 7th!) in 2012. When I registered for the marathon 3 years ago, my life was in such a different place than it was at the end of training. So many things changed through those 4ish months of training – most importantly, my career and relationship. Neither of these things served me anymore, which meant that I had to let go. Crossing the marathon finish line after putting a solid effort into my training felt even better than I imagined it would. Believing in myself was always tough for me, but after committing to such a huge goal (and succeeding) when everything else in my life was falling apart changed me forever. Even when certain things in my life get tough, I never quit. Not without a good reason, anyway. I know now that, if something is important to me, I will make it happen. chicagomarathon My life is, yet again, at a crossroads as I approach the 2015 Chicago Marathon. Andy and I recently moved in together and I started a new job/graduated with my master’s. It seems that big changes happen when I register for marathons, right? The difference this time around is that I believe in myself. My training has not been perfect. I did great at first because I had lots more free time, but lately my runs have gone down to only 2 per week (my plan indicates that I should do 3 runs – otherwise I tend to get injured). I did not skip even one single long run, though, so I am confident that I can finish this marathon. I think one learns a lot during marathon training. We train to not only be physically strong, but mentally strong as well. We learn to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. My comfort zone with running expanded so much when I ran in 2012. At that point in my life, many people doubted that I could run a marathon (not kidding – people questioned me so much and I really don’t understand why), which made me doubt myself a little, too. However, I finished the race in 2012 and even did pretty well! I feel uncomfortable with the marathon distance now, but in a comfortable way – if that makes sense. I’ve done a marathon once before and am aware that I will need to dig deep, but I know that I’ll be able to finish (unless I get some sort of injury… then I’d obviously stop running). So, here we are. My training is nearly complete. I think I’m ready to run on Sunday! Last Week’s Workouts Monday: 1 hour of yoga Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: 1 hour of yoga Thursday: 4 mile run Friday: Rest Saturday: Rest Sunday: 8 mile long run Has running impacted your life in the same way that it has impacted mine?