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One Last Weekend Before the Marathon

Happppppy Monday! I enjoy Mondays because they’re my usual day off. Sometimes I work Mondays and take Thursdays off instead, but this week my day off is Monday. I’ve learned to enjoy working Tuesday – Saturday because that way I get to schedule doctor’s appointments without worrying about taking time off work and can grocery shop when the stores are empty. Not a bad deal, right? Anyway, the Chicago Marathon is next weekend. I am terrified and excited at the same time. I say this often, but not much feels better than crossing the finish line of a 26.2 mile race. Doing so in 2012 changed my entire outlook on life. More on this in Wednesday’s post ūüôā What I really wanted to do is recap our weekend because it was SUPER fun! Since moving in together, Andy and I have settled into our little routine out here in the suburbs. We’ve been staying in a lot and I was starting to get cabin fever. It was nice to get out and do things this weekend!! We had a great time. First, we went to J. Parker again with my bank coworkers (remember how I used to be a banker?)!¬†We went to J. Parker last year,¬†too. I suppose it’s our place to have¬†reunions. Now that Andy and I are in the burbs, we have to plan ahead with parking. I reserved us a spot with SpotHero¬†(<-referral link! If you use it, we both get $5 off a parking spot!)¬†again and it worked out soooooo well! We got a spot in Lincoln Park that was only 1/4 mile away from our destination without any wasted time looking for parking. It was¬†only $12. Pretty sure I’ll be using SpotHero again for the marathon next weekend. jparkercoworkers

Some of my bank family and me <3

My coworkers have all moved on with their careers since I left the bank. It’s amazing how the times change. Only one of us actually still works at the bank, which weirdly made me happy because it gave me less to miss about my old job. Lina, one of my former coworkers, asked me if I miss the bank. I replied with “I thought I would, but I really don’t.” It’s true, though. I miss the people, both clients and coworkers, but I definitely don’t miss what I did. The bank life¬†was never for me, but my time there served a purpose in my life. I’m really grateful for that time I spent working for a bank, but I belong in the¬†nonprofit world (AKA the opposite hahaha) ūüôā jparkerview

The view at J. Parker

On Sunday, Andy and I spent the day with his family at Cantigny Park, a place I had never visited. Cantigny is a beautiful piece of land with a military history museum. We had a picnic, walked around the grounds, and went through the museum. I had a really good time and learned a lot, too! cantignytank

On a tank! I pretty much wore my pajamas there, lol sorry not sorry

We got home around 2 and I ran my final long run of marathon training – 8 miles! Wahoo!!! The potato salad I ate at lunch was a poor choice because my stomach was very upset during the run. Now I know what not to eat this week. Gotta have an iron stomach for the actual race!

Do you still talk to old coworkers?