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Chicago Marathon Traning 09/21 – 09/27

Not much to report about training last week. I think the 20 miler did me in so much that my interest in and motivation for running was at an all-time low for this training cycle. Last Week’s Workouts Monday – Wednesday: Nothing. I was going to practice yoga on Wednesday night, but decided to do some “work” on my car instead. All I had to do was change out my headlights (BOTH went out), but I still messed up with one of the lights, haha. That’s another story for another day… Anyway, the headlight changing took longer than expected and I missed yoga. Quite disappointing. Thursday: 5 mile run Friday: Rest Saturday: Rest Sunday: 12 mile long run The exciting news is that I bought my marathon shoes last week! Time to start breaking them in 😀 IMG_3264

Obnoxious hot pink shoes 😀

How often do you buy new running shoes?!