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Gratitude Friday: Taper Time Edition

GratitudeFriday I’ve made it through my toughest week of Chicago Marathon training, which involved BOTH a midweek 10 miler and the dreaded 20 mile long run (AKA the longest run in my training plan). Peak week was definitely not as hard as I thought it would be and I feel pretty confident that I’m ready to run the marathon now. If that’s not something to be grateful for, then I don’t know what is! I’m grateful for new running shoes. These are much needed, which is weird because it feels like I just bought shoes. According to my archives, I last bought shoes in May. Time flies, doesn’t it? I’m grateful for Andy. My boyfriend is amazing. He follows me on his bike during my longest runs, buys me bags of ice for ice baths, and makes me pizza to “refuel” (haha). Sometimes I can’t believe I get to date such a great person 😀 IMG_1551.JPG I’m grateful for my new favorite Gatorade flavor: BLUE CHERRY. This is the kind of stuff you think about when training for a marathon 😉 image

Hydration is important!

I’m grateful for my college friends! We have our FIVE YEAR college reunion coming up in October. Can you believe that? Again, time flies. In some ways, college feels like a distant memory. In other ways, It feels like we just graduated! It’s amazing how much things have changed within these five years. I went through a ridiculous amount of personal and professional growth during this time, but the best part of all this is that I still keep in touch with the people who are important to me <3


I’m grateful for my dad. My dad is the number one person I’ve been able to count on in life. I never take my dad’s presence in my life for granted. Yesterday, I screwed up with changing a headlight on my car, but my awesome dad fixed the issue for me. I’d tell you what I did, but it’s pretty humiliating 😛

I’m grateful for fun future vacations. Andy and I are looking into taking a vacation in 2016. Currently, the front runners are Vegas or an all-inclusive Mexico trip. I’m personally voting for Mexico! It is so great to have a job with so many vacation days… and not to be paying thousands of dollars for school! I can now spend money on fun stuff, like vacations!

I’m grateful for Snapchat and new EOS lip balm. Snapchat is my new favorite app. It’s just so much fun! Plus, check out how empty/gross my old lip balm was. The “dirty” parts on the old lip balm container are fuzzies from my peacoat pocket, which is where my lip balm lived last winter.

I’m grateful for blogging. Today (Thursday) is my day off this week and I had a great urge to write a post. I feel so lucky to have this space to write in when the urge strikes. Plus, my last Gratitude Friday post was a month ago. Oops. At least I’m finally getting up a Gratitude Friday post now. I know expressing gratitude helps me stay positive, so I need to be more consistent with writing these!

Where do you want to go on your next vacation?

What are you grateful for today?