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Chicago Marathon Training 09/14 – 09/20

Just like that, my peak week of marathon training came and went. It feels good to be done with the hardest part, but I also feel kind of sad. Challenges truly motivate me – especially when they involve running a ridiculous number of miles. You know? Or you probably don’t know because I’m a masochist and enjoy the most torturous parts of training. Though, I suppose it’s not over until it’s over – the Chicago Marathon is still 2.5 weeks away 😉 I feel pretty good about my training last week. Overall, I know I missed quite a few workouts. Despite that, I made sure to fit in all of my runs last week and practiced yoga twice! Yoga really helps me avoid injuries, so I made sure to fit it into my schedule. I’m proud of myself! Last Week’s Workouts Monday: 1 hour of yoga. This class had a new teacher (sadly, my uncle is taking a break from teaching) and she was great! Tuesday: Ran 4 miles Wednesday: 1 hour of yoga Thursday: 10 miles before work. Yes, that is pretty impressive 😉 Friday: Rest Saturday: Rest Sunday: 20 mile long run!!!! Again, Andy followed me on his bike with water and gatorade. Have I mentioned to you how wonderful he is? We ran 3 miles to the forest preserve and I fell flat on my face out of nowhere within the first half mile. So graceful, but badass for picking myself up and running 19.5 more miles – in my opinion 😀 We did about 8 miles total on the path and then ran the 3 miles back to our apartment. We had a bit more time, so we did 2 more miles together until Andy had to watch football, lol! I proceeded to run a 1 mile loop around the neighborhood 4 times to finish. Miles 13-16 were particularly difficult; it was like I hit a wall. The best part of the 20 miler is that we ended up running near a 5k benefiting a dog rescue place. There were so many puppies <3 IMG_3199.JPG

Not the forest preserve we ran/biked in, but it was just as beautiful! 

Guess what? Now that I’m done with peak week, IT’S TAPER TIME. Let’s hope I don’t go crazy with energy 😉

Where do you enjoy training – forest preserve, track, neighborhood, treadmill, or somewhere else?? – I personally like to switch things up