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Chicago Marathon Training 08/31 – 09/06

Happy Wednesday! Obviously this means another edition of Workout Wednesday/my report about Chicago Marathon training. This week was pretty unimpressive, I cannot lie. I’m sure I’ll be OK at the marathon, but I’m definitely having my doubts about reaching a PR. Running a marathon is pretty cool either way, so I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t beat my old time. All I can do is give this last month (<- that’s it?!?!) of training my all 🙂 Last Week’s Workouts Monday: Nothin’ Tuesday: 3 mile run Wednesday: 1 hour of yoga Thursday: 3.25 mile run. This one was supposed to be 8 miles, but it was incredibly hot outside. I felt sick to my stomach and just couldn’t bring myself to finish. Friday: Nada Saturday: Wedding in Milwaukee. Originally planned to at least run 3 miles or so, but ran out of time… image

Congrats to our friends, Brandon and Megan!

Sunday: pushed my long run back to Monday because we had brunch after the wedding and then traveled from Milwaukee to the south suburbs of Chicago to celebrate Andy’s mom’s birthday/hang out with some friends who live there. I planned to do this ages ago, so it was not a spur of the moment decision.

Monday: this still counts as last week 😉 I ran 18 miles, with Andy biking nearby for 15 miles! He’s the greatest for carrying a backpack full of water/Gatorade for me <3

imageThe 18 miler was pretty good until I hit about mile 14. At that point, I thought my legs were full of stones or something! The run was tough, but I finished! What did you do for Labor Day weekend? How do you hydrate during long runs?