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Chicago Marathon Training 08/24 – 08/30

I finally had a much-needed step-back week! Running has been great this training cycle – I can’t say it enough. However, the amount of time it takes to complete long runs does get to me. Obviously, spending tons of my time running is what I signed up for with marathon training. I don’t want to complain about the time commitment too much because it is what I chose 🙂 Having a week of lower mileage is just something I appreciate, haha. My major issue right now is the fact that I tend to ignore the shortest run of the week in favor of doing other forms of exercise. This week, I commit to doing that shorter run! A smaller issue is that I’m pretty sure it’s time to buy new running shoes. I put quite a few miles on the Asics I purchased back in May, so I must get a new pair soon – that way, I can break them in before the marathon. My feet have been hurting a bit lately. rp_IMG_2732-1024x1024.jpg Last Week’s Workouts Monday: 6 miles of cycling plus weights Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: 1 hour of yoga Thursday: 6 miles Friday: Rest Saturday: Rest Sunday: 12 mile long run How often do you buy new running shoes?