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Gratitude Friday: A New Normal Edition

GratitudeFriday Life has changed quite a bit since my last Gratitude Friday post, which I wrote over a month ago. That’s WAY too long. What can I say? I’ve been busy. I’ve actually been confused about how much to share on this blog. Now that I’ve been a mental health professional for about a year, I worry that my clients will find my blog. I’m leaning towards keeping the blog, but not being as candid as I was in the past. As a blunt person, it’s hard for me to keep things a secret sometimes. We shall see. It feels weird to only write about my running – my blog has lacked personality lately. Regardless, we all know blogging only shows a mere slice of one’s life. This place will never show every single thing about me, but now I think I need to show an even smaller slice. As I preach to my clients/everyone else, the expression gratitude is super important. I don’t want to stop expressing my gratitude now – I love blogging about the best parts of my life. LET THE GRATITUDE BEGIN 😀 I’m grateful for my family. Among all the new things in my life, I have had family by my side the whole way. I’m grateful that my family was all together at Rachel’s wedding in Minnesota last month. We had a wonderful time at the wedding and I still think about how great it was to spend 4 days with everyone. IMG_3206.JPG

Oksana and me at the bar 🙂

I’m grateful for a fresh start. This season (back to school/fall) is my least favorite, as mentioned in many other posts – like this one. However, I am trying to embrace it. Normally, school would have started for me this week, but I graduated and no longer need to go. Isn’t that weird? Perhaps the reason I dislike fall is simply because school starts in the fall. I’m getting kind of excited thinking about buying new boots, scarves, and sweaters. It’s new for me to not have school anymore – now I can try to see fall in a new light! I’m grateful for marathon training. Running the Chicago Marathon this year is going to be AWESOME, but I think I’ll have enjoyed the training even more. I can’t believe running has been so enjoyable during this training cycle. parallel-parking I’m grateful for my new job! It’s so different working at a mental health agency than it is to work at a bank, but I am getting used to it. I have a lot to learn and am growing so much every day. I’m grateful for Netflix. Living with Andy is pretty great because he has Netflix and an Xbox that puts the show right up on the TV. I was living in prehistoric conditions in my old apartment 😉 I’m grateful for our new apartment and new neighborhood! Unpacking is taking ridiculously long; we’ve been living here for almost a month. Despite that, our apartment already feels like home to me <3 My commute is soooo much better than it was coming from Chicago, too! Andy and I live in the northwest suburbs now! Neither of us have lived here before, so it’s been fun to explore the area. IMG_3144.JPG

Before we moved stuff into our new place – it’s so messy/cluttered with boxes right now, haha

I’m grateful for Labor Day Weekend. A couple of friends are getting married that weekend, so we are headed up to Milwaukee. It’s been forever since I spent time in Wisconsin. I CAN’T WAIT to have a reunion. People keep moving away and it’s sad 🙁 Remember when I used to go to Milwaukee almost EVERY weekend? It’s rare nowadays because Tim and Sara moved to Washington, DC. Boooooo!

I’m grateful that I had time to write this post. It feels good to be grateful 🙂

What are you grateful for today?

Do you prefer to live in the city, suburbs, or the country? – I used to resent my status as a suburbanite in high school and wanted to live in the city. Then, I moved to the city and wanted to live in the ‘burbs again after a year, HAHA. The country? I have never wanted to live in the country 😛