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Chicago Marathon Training 08/17 – 08/23

Another week of marathon training is complete, but it was pretty uneventful/unimpressive. I skipped out on quite a few workouts, only finishing the ones I deemed to be most important. I’m still getting used to my new job/schedule and fitting in my workouts is quite the challenge. Let’s hope I can pull things together for the next few weeks – marathon training is getting intense. The runs coming up are pretty high mileage. At this point in training – even with the skipped workouts – I feel fatigued almost all the time. It’s been exhausting, but fun. Running has become the ultimate stress reliever for me. I hardly ever dread running – I look forward to it! I’m just disorganized when it comes to scheduling my runs, haha. Last Week’s Workouts Monday – Wednesday: Nothin’ Thursday: 8 miles on a trail near my new neighborhood! trail-run Friday: Rest Saturday: Rest Sunday: 16 miles of dehydration. I ran on another unfamiliar trail for this long run and didn’t consider my hydration strategy (AKA I didn’t have a hydration strategy). I brought one bottle of water, but it just was not enough for 16 miles (duh?). I ended up finding more water around mile 12, but there were a few crappy miles before that. If it wasn’t for my improper hydration, this run would have been fine. Live and learn! IMG_3195.JPG

My reward was another ice bath.

Do you think I should get one of those Camelbaks? I’m seriously considering it at this point 🙂