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Chicago Marathon Training 08/10 – 08/16

I am at the point of marathon training where the distance I need to run each week is getting super high – higher than I’ve run since my last marathon training cycle in 2012. Since then, the most I had run was a half marathon. Traveling such long distances on my own two feet is so empowering to me. If I can get up early on a Sunday to run 15 miles, it feels like I can almost do anything in the world. This is why I keep coming back to running, despite really not enjoying it sometimes. After one lackluster week, I’m proud of my comeback. Check it out: Last Week’s Workouts Monday: a quick 2 miler before yoga class. Unfortunately, yoga wound up being canceled. Oksana and I wandered the aisles of Target instead. There’s one way to get zen, ha! Tuesday: 4 miles Wednesday: Rest Thursday: 6 miles – 2.75 with the running club, 3.25 with Oksana. Friday: Rest Saturday: Rest Sunday: 15 mile long run, followed by an ice bath! IMG_3196.JPGThese long runs are starting to take up my entire Sundays due to my slower pace (typically 11-something minute miles, not including stoplight and water stops) and because of how beat I am afterwards. I was good friends with the couch for most of Sunday afternoon. I have some more moving-related stuff (it NEVER ends!) to accomplish on Saturday after work because I know I’ll be pretty much useless on Sunday. Thank goodness for days off to run and recuperate! Does training for races make you super tired too?