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Scenes from a 15 Mile Long Run

Yesterday, I ran longer than I have in 3 years: 15 miles! Originally, Oksana was going to accompany me for part of the run, so I drove back to my hometown. Oksana ended up getting sick and couldn’t join in on the fun. I decided to take advantage of my location and ran through my old stomping grounds anyway. I used Skittles as my fuel because I’m cheap. Starting to think Gu would be a good investment for the next few SUPER LONG runs, though. IMG_3187.JPG

Skittles totally get the job done

I took the first leg of my run to the pool where I used to work concessions. So. Many. Memories. There’s a lovely park next to the pool, so I did a few laps around it. I then made my way to a middle school in town (actually not my former middle school, but a different one) because they have an amazing track. It’s so squishy! I did a few laps around the track and made it to 7 miles at that point. Pretty much halfway there 🙂


I did a lot of training for my first marathon here 😀

For the second half of the 15 miler, I ran to Northwestern University and then back to my car. I definitely struggled through the run, but I MADE IT!


Northwestern is seriously beautiful <3

After I drove the 30 minutes home (and cashed in on a free drink at Starbucks, ha!), Andy bought me some ice for an ice bath. I screamed a lot as he poured the ice all over my legs, HAHA. It’s been a couple years since my last ice bath. Plus I’m kind of a baby 😛



Running 15 miles was NOT EASY, but I feel so good now that it’s over. I’m super excited and nervous for 16 miles next week. That one will be a doozy!

Have you ever taken an ice bath?