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Chicago Marathon Training 08/03 – 08/09

Happy Wednesday! I really struggled last week when it came to training. My schedule changed in a big way due to starting work full-time, so I did not come close to my mileage goal. Luckily, this was a step-back week, which I think I truly needed. Time-management is not a strength of mine when it comes to exercise, so I am really going to need to step up my game from now until the marathon. Gotta get in all of my miles!! It’s Tuesday night and I’m exhausted, so I will keep this post short and sweet. Last Week’s Workouts Monday: 3 mile run Tuesday: Rest Wednesday: Rest Thursday: 5 mile run Friday:  Rest Saturday: Rest Sunday: Chicago 10k race plus running with a baby afterwards 😀

Cut baby out of the photo to protect her privacy. Just trust me that she’s super cute 😀

Do you stick to your training plan religiously or allow yourself to take it easy every once in a while?