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Chicago Marathon Training 07/27 – 08/02

How has it been a week since I last posted? I suppose between training for a marathon and getting into my new work routine after time away in Minnesota will do that to a girl. It doesn’t help that I’m also in the process of moving! Life has been all over the place, but hopefully will settle down soon – that way I can get back to blogging! I still want to write more about my Minnesota adventures; I just haven’t had the time to sit down and do so. I’ve been busy, but marathon training is still in full swing! Last Week’s Workouts Monday: 1 hour yoga class Tuesday: 4 mile run. This was actually supposed to be 6 miles, but I had to meet Oksana and Elise at Starbucks to work on a few things and failed to make enough time to finish the full run. Oh well – better than nothing πŸ˜€ Wednesday: This was my last day of grad school, so I spent it finishing a paper and getting other things together. No time for running, so REST! Thursday: Rest – drove for over 8 hours to get to northern Minnesota! Friday: 13.1 mile long run on the Paul Bunyan Trail. SO COOL. I figured if I didn’t do my long run on Friday that week, then it wouldn’t happen at all. Turns out I was right, haha! The run went surprisingly well. Saturday: 3.1 mile Fun Run for Rachel and John’s wedding day <3 I ran it with my awesome cousins, Katerina and Oksana! There was a prize for winning the race – a trophy. The officiant of the wedding, a good friend of the groom, won! He’s super speedy!!  My uncle made awesome shirts for the run! πŸ™‚

Sunday: Rest! Another LONG drive.

I had so much fun in Minnesota and feel extra proud that I did my long run during the trip. Now it’s back to reality in a major way, but I’m still getting my workouts in!

Where was the last wedding you went to?

Where is the coolest place you’ve ever run?