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Chicago Marathon Training 07/20-07/26

Hello! I’m having an incredibly busy week off between internship and my new job, which is not so new anymore, but will be full-time next week! It’s finally my last week of school, so I spent all Tuesday writing my final paper. Today is my last day of class (EVER). Plus, I need to pack for my cousin’s wedding weekend and for my upcoming MOVE. So much to do, so little time.  We leave for Minnesota tomorrow and are staying through Sunday. Rachel got engaged in January and I never thought her wedding day would come. Well, HERE WE ARE! Read about Rachel’s bridal shower in this post 🙂 IMG_2673.JPG Despite my busy schedule, I still was able to fit in a run or two. Actually, I got a bit of an injury last week. My right hip was killing me, so I dropped my 6 miler down to a 3 miler, foam rolled, and did some yoga. Those 3 things did the trick – for the most part. I still feel a bit of hip pain, but less and less as time passes. Just gotta keep rollin’ and stretchin’! Last Week’s Workouts Monday: Rest because hip started hurting that day 🙁 Tuesday: Was going to do 6 miles, but figured I’d hold off until Thursday due to hip pain. Did 3 miles instead. Wednesday: Yoga and foam rolling Thursday: Hip felt a little better, but did 3 miles instead of 6 to be on the safe side. I really wanted to be OK for my long run on Sunday! Friday: Rest Saturday: Rest Sunday: 12 mile long run! Felt pretty good during it 🙂 Fitbit Steps: 79,100 running-trailI will be doing my 13.1 mile long run in Minnesota! WISH ME LUCK. Have you ever done a long run while on vacation? When/what was your last running injury?