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Gratitude Friday: It’s an Exciting Time in My Life Edition

GratitudeFriday This week, I’m feeling especially grateful for all of the exciting changes happening in my life. Just when I felt like I was in a rut, my life changed in the best ways possible. I’m grateful to be learning a new career. For the first time since I left my old job at a bank, I set foot into a branch to do a transaction. It was surreal to just be a client and not a person working. AND, last week, I met a friend of a friend. She asked what I do for a living and thought it was so cool that I’m a therapist. Did you read that? I’m a therapist. Holy cow. I really can’t believe that I’m finally one of those people with a “cool” job. At least, I think it’s cool 😉 I’m grateful for Andy. We have so much fun together and I can be 100% myself around him <3big-hatI’m grateful to be OFFICIALLY moving in with Andy. We found ourselves a great apartment in a safe/quiet/fun town. It feels like whenever one thing in my life changes, everything else goes with it. Moving sucks, but I love it once I get into a new place. It’s certainly time for a fresh start after 3 years in my crummy basement apartment (yay for this place being on the FIRST FLOOR – what a luxury! No more humid basement). We move in August 1st, which is actually the day of my cousin’s wedding 2 hours north of Minneapolis (a 10 hour drive from Chicago, LOL). Obviously, some other plan for moving in/getting the keys will need to be worked out, but I’m confident that all will go well! We signed the lease this week, so this move is finally a done deal (we’ve been planning this for a year now)! Wahoo! I’m grateful that we’re staying an extra day in Minnesota for Rachel’s wedding. Rachel decided to host an event for just the family on the Thursday night before her wedding. I was definitely up for it because I haven’t gone on a real trip since California back in January 2014. Since then, I’ve been a grad student working part-time. That financial situation is definitely not conducive to planning vacations 😉 Sure, I went to Wisconsin all the time in the last 2 years, but I’m jonesing to REALLY get away from it all! A day after we get back from MN, I start working full-time for the first time in a couple years. Ahhh! This trip will be my last hurrah for a little while. I’m grateful that I’ll be getting a full-time paycheck soon. I hear the Hallelujah Chorus playing in the distance… HA! It’s amazing how far I’ve stretched my budget during grad school – especially this year. I can finally tell you that I MADE IT. That’s the best feeling in the world. I’m grateful that my journey through the counseling practicum/internship year went so well. For anyone who is new to my blog, to graduate with a master’s in counseling, students need to complete a year-long clinical internship. I did mine at a community-based health center in Chicago and next week is MY LAST WEEK. I can mostly attribute my fabulous experience at the clinic to my amazing clients and supervisor. They have ALL taught me so much. Some clients, I’ve been seeing since last September – we’ve all come a long way since then. I’m grateful that my clients trusted a student to be their therapist <3 Also, my supervisor and I have developed a wonderful friendship that I think will last beyond our time working together. 20140515-161941.jpg

I walk to my internship and I took this photo as I walked home from my second interview there last year.

I’m grateful that I always challenge myself. I’m an anxious person by nature. I don’t like change. I don’t like potential failure. Being a therapist can be scary this way because there is often no right or wrong answer for the best way to work with a client. I both enjoy this and am freaked out by this. For the most part, it is a thrilling way for me to stay on my toes 🙂

I’m grateful to be downsizing. I put 5 books up for sale on Amazon and am finally giving away a bunch of old clothes. Andy and I are moving into a tiny apartment together. This will be good for me – I’ll have to be neat and curb my spending. It really feels good to get rid of stuff I don’t use.

I’m grateful that the grad school chapter of my life was so great. I met Andy, started my blog, and became a real live psychotherapist. It’s hard to believe that it will all come to an end on July 29th, but… here we are!

Does your job have a lot of firm rules or does it involve tons of gray areas like mine? – at the bank everything was so black and white, so counseling has been a challenge for me 😉

What are you grateful for today?