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Chicago Marathon Training 07/05 – 07/12

Andddd, we’ve arrived at the double digits! As mentioned in my previous post, Oksana and I tackled 10 miles last week. It is a relief for me to report that the 10 miler felt GREAT. However, I spent my day logging literally 14,000 more steps at the Lincoln Park Zoo after the run. I was definitely sore after all that activity. I’ve realized that ab work and other forms of cardio are necessary complements to marathon training, so this coming week will include both. Yoga has already been a great help to me – extra stretching is always appreciated. All running and literally no other activities does not make for effective marathon training. I remember either swimming or cycling at least once a week when I trained for the marathon in 2012. The race was a great success for me 3 years ago, so I need to think back and recall what I did. Regardless of what I did back in 2012, I’m proud of how training has gone so far. I just need to stay healthy (AKA injury free) for the rest of this training cycle. One more piece of running news: I registered for another 10k race! If you remember my friend, Sara, we used to race together ALL the time. She moved from Milwaukee to San Francisco for 4 months at the beginning of the year and has since relocated to DC. We haven’t raced together for a long time now 🙁 Anyway, Sara’s originally from Chicago and is coming to town for a weekend in August to visit family. We decided to register for a race together for old time’s sake: The Chicago 10k! 20140121-122121.jpg

We even did the Tinker Bell Half Marathon together in California!

I still feel sad that I’m not racing a half marathon this year, but at least I can redeem myself from my performance at the Race Against Hate 10k last month 🙂

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday: 4 miles + 1 hour of yoga

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: 30 minute walk with the running club (some participants prefer walking 🙂 )

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 10 miles

Fitbit Steps: 88,174

How did your workouts go last week?