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Weekend of Fun and Running!

I had such a good weekend! On Friday night, some friends and I went out for Thai food (with bubble tea!) and played glow in the dark mini golf. It turns out that I’m pretty good at mini golf – at least I think so 😉 bubble-tea

Strawberry mango bubble tea. YUM.

On Saturday, I worked until 2:30 and headed straight home to Andy. We made frozen pizza (classy and typical) and then went to see the movie Inside Out. It was amazing! The message I got from Inside Out was that we cannot have joy without sadness and that empathy is key in relationships. I think we put too much emphasis on always being happy in our society. The truth is, good only exists because there is also bad. Everyone should go see Inside Out!!

Sunday morning was all about running 10 miles for marathon training. Oksana came with me and ran the whole thing – it was her first time running 10 miles. GO OKSANA! We ran all around Evanston – through literally 3 cute parks, along the lakefront, and then through the Northwestern University campus. The scenery was probably the most beautiful I had run through in a long time. One of my favorite parts about running is exploring different areas. If my new job wasn’t so far from Evanston, that is 100% where I’d move. Maybe someday 🙂


After the run, Andy and I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo! We saw our favorite zoo animals: foxes and otters. I couldn’t get a photo of the otter because he or she was swimming around too fast 🙂 fennec-fox We walked around a lot. In total, I had 37,153 Fitbit steps yesterday. I was so tired and cranky when we got home, haha! I probably will take today off of running and cycle/yoga instead. lincoln-park-zoo I am certainly going to miss living in the city! If all goes well, Andy and I are moving out to the burbs (closer to my new job) in the beginning of August. It seems like we always go to the Lincoln Park Zoo when life is about to change, but change isn’t all bad 🙂 I’m looking forward to this new life chapter! When was the last time you moved? – I last moved over 3 years ago, so getting used to a new neighborhood should be interesting 😀 Do you obsessively track your steps like I do?