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Gratitude Friday: Independence Day Edition

Gratitude-Friday Happy 4th of July Weekend! What are you guys doing for the holiday? My cousin, Kat, is in town from Boston again, so we’re getting a group together and heading to the fireworks. We might go to the fireworks event at a racetrack, which is going to be a blast. I love to gamble a few dollars (I usually set my limit to $10, so I’m not joking about “a few dollars”) here and there 😉 Remember back in May when I won $20 at the Kentucky Derby party? That was a proud moment in my life! There are quite a few things I’m grateful for today. The first of which is the fact that my work gave all of us Friday off in addition to Saturday! I am so lucky. Now I get a 4 day weekend to spend with my friends, family, and Andy <3 I’m grateful for marriage equality. Love really does WIN! IMG_2884

Tommy Hawk was at the Pride Parade last weekend!

I’m grateful for running. My Chicago Marathon training is starting off on a strong note. The best part is that I feel much stronger than I did even a couple weeks ago. I can tell that I’m building muscle and often feel like I can run forever and ever. Lately, I’ve had no trouble getting outside and running. Obviously, my goal is to keep this motivation up!


My new Garmin Forerunner 10 makes running even more exciting!

I’m grateful for apartment hunting. To be honest, finding an apartment has been really hard. Andy and I are still looking for the perfect home at the perfect price. Whenever we find a nice place in our price range, it magically becomes unavailable or is actually not too nice once we see it in person. I still feel so happy to finally be able to move out of my apartment! It served me well in grad school, but I’m long overdue for an upgrade 🙂

I’m grateful that I finished almost everything for graduate school this week. All I have left to do is some paperwork and complete 40 internship hours. EASY! It’s going to be weird not starting a new semester this fall, but weird in a good way!

I’m grateful for delicious food. I never miss a meal and definitely feel fortunate about that!

I’m grateful for office supplies. I told you guys that I’m not a planner by nature many times. This still holds true even as I make my way in a new career. Due to this, I really need to be on top of my game and am working on keeping my planner up to date. Kat gave me office supplies for my birthday and I’m sooo thankful to her! If anything will keep me organized, it’s colorful pens, tape, and sticky notes.


I’m grateful for the fact that I’ve managed to consistently update Mel’s Miles lately 🙂 Blogging is so much fun for me. I love sharing my marathon training journey with all of you. Without this blog, my motivation would be 100 times lower.

I’m grateful for Starbucks blogging dates with OksanaWe get a lot of work done together!


I’m also grateful that Starbucks accidentally made my iced coffee a vanilla latte the other day. It was delish.

I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had in life. I feel so lucky that I was able to follow my dreams – not just by attending grad school, but also throughout my entire life. Never did I lack the support from at least one person to try something new, such as ice skating, studying abroad in Costa Rica, or starting a blog 😉 I have the freedom to be who I want to be and do what I want to do. IT’S AWESOME.

What opportunities are you feeling grateful for today?

Are you running this weekend? How many miles? – I’m running NINE!!