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Gratitude Friday: It’s a Darn Good Life Edition

GratitudeFridayIt’s FRIDAY! For most of you, that’s a relief. Fridays and Saturdays happen to be my most stressful busiest days of the week. However, Saturday is my Friday and it’s coming up quickly 😀 I’m grateful that Andy and I are going to the Pride Parade on Sunday! I can’t even wait, you guys. The Pride Parade has been on my to-do list for years, but I was never able to make it due to scheduling conflicts. My internship site has a float, but I decided to just watch this year. I heard that’s the way to get the full experience. Ahhh what should I wear? I’m grateful for therapy, running, and my gratitude journal. These 3 things have been crucial in the improvement of my mental state. My anxiety is more under control now than it has been for the last year. Yes, I still have more work to do, but I see serious improvement. I am committed to managing my anxiety more effectively, which makes all the difference. I’m grateful for the Race Against HateI truly believe that completing this race last Sunday renewed my energy when it comes to marathon training. My passion for running is strong right now. RaceAgainstHateStPeters

Our group together after the race 🙂

I’m grateful that my graduation ceremony is TONIGHT. I had my last class of graduate school on Wednesday night, will have my last supervision session with my professor next Wednesday afternoon, and my entire class will turn in the rest of our paperwork on July 29th at a party we’re having! We deserve this party. Finishing up grad school, taking that terrifying licensing exam, and completing a 700 hour internship was NOT a cakewalk. I made so many sacrifices, both financially and socially, to complete this internship… and I’m done! Now for my next challenge: being a full-time clinician at a hectic mental health agency!

I’m grateful for every single thing about my internship. I’ve had the most beautiful experience this year at my internship. My site supervisor was the most supportive and helpful human being on Earth, my coworkers were approachable, the location was in was in walking distance to my apartment, and I established amazing therapeutic relationships with the vast majority of my clients. My last day of internship is July 23rd and I’m already dreading it. I will miss my clients so, so much. One or two are actually following me to my new job. I’m so excited to continue our journey together <3

I’m grateful that Starbucks provides free refills for Gold Members on their iced coffee. Perhaps I have an addiction, but Starbucks is one of the great joys in my life and I refuse to stop being a loyal customer!


I’m grateful that the weather in Chicago is sort of starting to get its act together. The constant storms and tornado warnings are over for now… Hopefully they stay away for a few weeks! *knock on wood*

I’m grateful for my resilience. Many challenges came up during my time in grad school (and before that) and they’ve made me stronger. I’m proud of myself for never giving up and pushing through. There has been a lot of self-doubt – especially this year- and I just can’t believe I made it! But, actually… I can believe it 🙂

I’m grateful for the people in my life. My friends, family, and Andy have supported me 100% through grad school. They believed in me more than I believed in me! How lucky am I? Really. I hit the jackpot with these people!!

I’m grateful for my new MacBook Air! How often do I talk about this? I just love my new computer after a year of having a frustrating/slow laptop. This computer rocks!


I’m grateful for YouTube. Watching vlogs is my new hobby. It makes me want to try my hand at vlogging, too! Do you guys have any requests for videos? Let me know in the comments!

Have you ever been to the Pride Parade?

What do you need to do in order to stay positive in your life?