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Chobani #BreakYouMake Project

Recently, Chobani asked all of us to write about someone in our lives who deserves a break. As a long-time Chobani lover, I was so excited for the opportunity to participate in the #BreakYouMake Project for Chobani Flips. Many of you know that I’m a mental health professional. When I started working with clients last September during my internship, I noticed that so many of them were working overtime to simply make ends meet. Americans in particular pride themselves on having a busy life. While it’s great to be productive, I know that all of us need to take a break for even just a few minutes each day. I constantly remind my clients about the importance of self-care. All work and no play does not make for a healthy mind and body. I support the #BreakYouMake Project 100%! Chobani-Key-Lime-Crumble

My favorite flavor of Chobani Flip – Key Lime Crumble! (source)

I knew exactly who I wanted to nominate for #BreakYouMake as soon as I heard about it: my cousin and fellow blogger, Oksana. I talk about Oksana all the time on my blog because she’s such an amazing person and family member. Not only is Oksana a fabulous beauty blogger at Othingsbeauty and my personal hair stylist/makeup artist, but she is also about to be a senior in college majoring in Exercise Science.

Oksana-ChobaniCheck out her amazing makeup job!

Oksana is working towards attending graduate school for Occupational Therapy. In order to even apply for graduate school, Oksana has been shadowing occupational therapists weekly throughout her summer “break.” This Thursday, Oksana is going to take the GRE. On my days off, I’ve been helping Oksana study for the test. This girl works HARD! When she is not job shadowing or studying this summer, Oksana is working more than 30 hours every week at her part-time job. IMG_2809.JPG

Oksana also runs with me all the time – she never gives up during our workouts!

If you think Oksana’s summer isn’t busy enough, imagine what her life is like during the school year! Oksana had a really tough semester last year that lead her to switching from pursuing physical therapy to occupational therapy. I am so proud of Oksana for pushing through and figuring out the best path for herself. Oksana was able to do some serious soul-searching and recognize what she is truly interested in doing for a living. Oksana changed her plans for graduate school without needing postpone her college graduation at all. Oksana is the best at deciding what she wants and going after it! Read about the reasons behind Oksana’s career change and challenges during her previous school year in this postAfter such a hard school year and now a summer full of other obligations, Oksana deserves a break! fall-clothes It has been an honor to write about Oksana’s challenges and triumphs as she pursues her future career as an Occupational Therapist for the #BreakYouMake Project! As you can see, the road to greatness involves tons of hard work and introspection. Oksana’s journey is just one example of how hard we as humans work to achieve our dreams. I truly believe that, like Oksana, all of us deserve to take some time out of every single day for ourselves. Who in your life deserves a break? How do you take a break during the day?