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2015 Ricky Byrdsong Race Against Hate 10k Recap

I’ve been wanting to talk about the Ricky Byrdsong Memorial Race Against Hate for ages on here because it’s for a cause I really believe in: violence prevention and racial equality! For those of you who have never heard of Ricky Byrdsong, he was the victim of a hate crime 16 years ago in my hometown. Ricky Byrdsong was the basketball coach at Northwestern University and the father of 3 kids. The Race Against Hate takes place every year on Father’s Day. Considering the recent events in Charleston, the Race Against Hate seemed to have VERY enthusiastic participants this year – even more so than usual. I loved the camaraderie, even though it was for a really sad reason <3 If anyone reading this lives in northern Chicagoland, I urge you to sign up for the Race Against Hate next year. It’s very well-organized and takes place along the lakefront, which is beautiful! Now for the recap! My morning began with a 5:45am alarm (just what I wanted on a Sunday, ha!). Of course, I didn’t roll out of bed until 6:07am. I had to really hustle to get ready because my ride, Britta and Karen, was to arrive by 6:30am. This meant no time for a real breakfast, which was probably my first mistake on race day. I ended up eating a granola bar… and that’s it. My uncle ran from his house to my parents’ house (where I stayed this weekend because the race was closer to the house than to my apartment) and was over at exactly 6:30am. We took a few selfies outside while we waited for Britta and Karen. My uncle and I are long time race buddies. I was so excited that he ran the race too! When we got to the race, Karen did a really good parallel parking job. We obviously had to take a photo of that as well 🙂

parallel-parkingMy uncle is pretty awesome (he’s in the middle doing an arabesque LOL)

Britta and I were doing the 10k, which started 15 minutes earlier than the 5k. We made it to the starting line right on time! IMG_2855.JPG IMG_2858.JPG We wore matching shirts because we’re on a running team for our church! The running club only meets to race a couple of times a year, but we love getting together and wearing our singlets. The members are only one family of four plus Britta, Karen, and me. HA. The race started off innocently enough. Britta and I decided to run together. We chatted for quite a while and enjoyed ourselves, but I started to feel like crap around mile 4. Britta did great – she motivated me to keep going and finish strong. My side hurt, I was really thirsty (one of the water stations was still being set up when we ran by it…), and it was HOT outside. I was riding the struggle bus during this race and there was no way off aside from crossing the finish line 🙂 We finished in about an hour. For some reason, the results are still not posted online (I’m typing this on Sunday night, but will try to update whenever the results go up). My PR is around 55 minutes, so obviously this time is not amazing. I’m not really upset about it, though. Races don’t have to be all about the pace. I really did push as hard as I could in the conditions we ran in. I chugged so much water and Powerade after running that 10k – it was HOT out there and I didn’t properly fuel. What can ya do? I’m just really happy that I got to participate in the Race Against Hate for the first time since 2012! Oh, and I thought I’d mention to you guys that this is my first post on my new laptop! This MacBook Air 13-inch is my first Apple computer, so I’m still getting the hang of it. I love it so far! IMG_2860.JPG When is your next race? – mine is the marathon… AHH! What is your favorite race? – Race Against Hate is definitely mine 🙂