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Gratitude Friday: Racing, New Toys, and Fun Times Edition

GratitudeFridayIt’s almost officially Race Weekend! For those of you who don’t know, I’m running MY FAVORITE 10k on Sunday! I don’t want to say which one it is for safety purposes (it’s a smaller race than most of the ones I typically do) – when I worked at the bank, a customer stalked me for a couple of months. (<- a story for another time…) Since then, I am forever paranoid. I was also robbed at gunpoint in Guatemala, which is again another story for another time 😉 Enough of my (kind of) cool (but mostly scary) stories – let’s get the gratitude started! I’m grateful that I’m running a race this weekend! I haven’t done one since the Shamrock Shuffle back at the end of March. That, in my opinion, is way too long to go without racing. I’ve decided to run the 10k with friends, so I might not actually go for a PR this time around – or maybe my friends will motivate me to run super fast. You never know and I am totally fine with whatever happens at the race this Sunday 🙂 I’m grateful that Britta will be running with me. We are part of a running club, which only actually meets to race rather than to train. This means we have matching shirts! This is Britta and me running with the club at a turkey trot last fall. The shirts for the club are singlets, so we weren’t wearing them in this picture. IMG_1910.JPG

Coldest day EVER.

I’m grateful for my new laptop, which I will purchase TOMORROW. A new laptop has been a long time coming for me! My old Sony VAIO still works, but not very well.  I’ve decided on the 13 inch MacBook Air and have already bought a nifty cover for it on Amazon. I love new toys!


Old laptop with an iced green tea latte 🙂

I’m grateful that I purchased a new planner. With a new job comes new responsibilities to keep track of. I purchased a new planner because my current one stops at the end of June. The new planner is way bigger, so I can add more clients into my schedule without having to write really tiny.

I’m grateful for my new running watchUm, yeah, this post is getting really materialistic. What can I say? I needed all of this stuff 😉 In all seriousness, my phone can make it through 7 miles at most through using the Map My Run app… and then the battery dies. How will I complete my 20 miler without being able to track the mileage on my phone? WITH A WATCH, that’s how. I’m really excited for this one to come in the mail! I’m grateful that marathon training starts *officially* for me next week. I love that “I just ran 10 miles in the heat and now I’m exhausted” feeling. 10miles2011

There isn’t much better than the feeling I get after a long run!

I’m grateful for the weekend. This should be a fun one. I’m really happy to spend the weekend with old friends and with Oksana!

I’m grateful for carbs. I intend to have a pasta dinner tomorrow night in order to fuel that 10k!

I’m grateful that I got to see my college friends AGAIN on Wednesday. Prior to a couple weeks ago, we hadn’t seen each other since October! That was definitely not OK considering that we lived together and did EVERYTHING together for 4 years straight.


I’m grateful that I finally reserved a hotel room for my cousin’s wedding. I literally got the LAST hotel room at one of the less expensive hotels. Now we are officially heading to Minnesota next month. HIGH FIVE!

What are you grateful for today?

How often do you get to see old friends?

What is the last exciting purchase you made?