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Dog Sitting, Jurassic World Watching, and Online Shopping

Good afternoon, everybody! This post is coming at you a little late because my weekend was completely exhausting. I watched Ruby for the weekend and we had a couple of rough nights. Ruby kept me up pretty much all night on Friday, which was lovely considering that I had work on Saturday with back-to-back clients. It’s a good thing she’s cute! For those who don’t know about Ruby, she’s my friend, Britta’s, pug 🙂 I watched her a couple times last summer and even dragged her all the way to Wisconsin once! 20140625-080347-29027857.jpg

I love Ruby, but she sure is a handful!

Not a lot of running happened this weekend. I was supposed to run 8 miles on Sunday, but failed to do so due to rain. I was going to make up for it today, but it’s STILL pouring. I’m probably going to skip it 🙁 Marathon training is clearly not going as well as I’d like it to, but I don’t want to run the 8 miler too soon before my 10k race next weekend. I feel like today is my last chance. Oh well, we’re only just beginning here! Plus, Oksana and I decided to run a 5-miler this Wednesday instead of a 3-miler. That should help 🙂

I had a great time with Andy this weekend. We went out to brunch at my favorite place on Sunday, Le Peep!


Andy bought a new-to-him car on Saturday while I was at work. It’s so shiny!! I’m totally jealous 🙂

We tried Le Peep’s Gooey Buns, haha! They were soooo delicious. If I could have brunch every day, I’d be a very happy camper. I also had a skillet, which is my favorite brunch food ever. Eggs + potatoes + cheese + veggies = THE BEST.

IMG_2832.JPGWe saw Jurassic World after brunch, which I really enjoyed despite not being a huge Jurassic Park fan in the first place. It helped that we saw it in 3D!

Now I’m trying to convince myself to purchase this running watch from Amazon. My phone is just not going to make it through marathon training runs (it’s getting old and has tons of issues… I used to use different apps on my phone to track my runs, but it runs out of battery after ~7 miles now), so I figure it’s about time I get a Garmin GPS watch. Oksana convinced me to start using my Ebates (<- affiliate link) account. Currently, I can get 3% cash back on a fitness-related purchase on Amazon, so I suppose it’s time to pull the trigger on that watch 🙂

Who else saw Jurassic World?

Do you use Ebates?

Do you have a GPS watch?